Interior Thinking: The Luxury Bath Design Trends You Need to Be Paying Attention To In 2021

Sep 10, 2021 at 02:56 pm by RMGadmin

With Kimberly Greenwell, My Southern Home

Large Walk-in Showers

After a long day of rushing to meet deadlines at work, undergoing a grueling commute, and watching the kids, many homeowners love nothing more than a long, luxurious shower. Amp up the luxury by installing a generously sized walk-in shower. 

Some popular shower-related design trends include putting in multiple showerheads, handheld showerheads, and a wide “rain” showerhead that makes you feel like you’re standing under a waterfall. You can also try curved glass doors and doors with a paned window look. To go above and beyond, including tiled shower walls and floors with an interesting pattern and adding a large plant in the corner. You’ll turn what was previously another morning chore into a decadent spa session! 

Heated Toilets and Bidets

Homeowners want a luxurious experience even when they’re using the restroom. A heated toilet seat provides warmth and comfort and can even loosen stiff muscles and relieve arthritis-related discomfort. The benefits of a bidet are self-explanatory, and having one can easily wow any guests that come over. 

Free Standing Tubs

There’s a reason free-standing tubs are making a comeback. A bit more sophisticated than the shower-tub combo you typically see in American bathrooms, a free-standing tub allows a more luxurious, Victorian aesthetic. Add claw feet finishes for an extra sophisticated look and make the homeowners’ evening soak that much nicer and more peaceful! 


Tub Fillers

Otherwise known as tub spouts or faucets, these plumbing fixtures offer great opportunities to style a bathroom. Modern bathtub fillers don’t look like regular faucets at all—waterfall spouts that cascade from a larger, flatter spout give off a spa aesthetic. Exposed pipes, knobs in interesting shapes, and oiled brass finishes also give a bathroom some extra pizzazz.

Heated Floors

There are a ton of benefits to having heated floors in a bathroom. First, it can help your floors last a long time—up to thirty-five years. Second, it’s energy-efficient (since there’s no need to crank the thermostat in the winter), safe for even the most sensitive toes, and likely to improve your home’s resell value. 


Kimberly Greenwell | My Southern Home

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