70s Inspired Tablescape with Mary Hollis Huddleston

May 09, 2024 at 01:34 pm by RMGadmin

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Creating a Colorful 70’s-Inspired Tablescape

BY Mary Hollis Huddleston  |  Mrs. Southern Social

Photography By Lele Fain Photography

I say that every new table I style is my favorite, but this one is extra special. My father, who is one of my heroes, turned seventy this year, which is the best reason I can think of to create one fabulous seventies-themed tablescape. This isn’t a very masculine table, but my dad is confident in his manhood (ha), and he absolutely loves how colorful and festive this table with vintage-vibes turned out.
Okay, let’s go over all the fabulous details, shall we? Per usual, this table started with a tablecloth, which I found at Maison Flaneur. I love the color, retro feel and ruffled edges of the Margot Linen Tablecloth. I also purchased the woven Round Pink Placemats as they reminded me of crochet items that were popular in the seventies. (Something to note about this company- it is NOT easy to return items once purchased, so be sure you are going to keep anything you buy from the site as it’s almost impossible to make a return).


For the menus, I found the coolest templates at PipiPrintables on Etsy that worked perfectly with the color scheme. I love that these can be printed at home as an easy, affordable option. The small glass mushrooms that I placed down the table can actually be used as bud vases, but I didn’t want to take away from the main centerpieces, so I just used them as another fun nod to the vintage vibe.


The “star” of this table for me turned out to be the flowers, which were provided by local florist, FLWR Shop. I shared the linens and color scheme I was working with, and they created one show-stopping centerpiece - well, two of them actually. The matte-gold vases wrapped in rattan that they provided were the perfect vintage touch.


I’ve really loved decorating my chandelier with each of my tables recently, and what’s more seventies-themed than paper daisy chains? I sourced these daisy paper chains from Meri Meri, which is a great source for paper party goods. I also used them as a wrap around the napkins and flatware at each place setting.


Melamine was popular in the seventies and it’s still popular now. I used bamboo-patterned melamine dinner and salad plates from Mark & Graham. Bamboo is and will always be timeless for me, as are the woven tealight lamps that I use over and over again on my tablescapes.


For a seventies inspired supper, you just can’t go wrong with fondue. It’s really easy to pull together a fondue spread for dinner and/or dessert. Chocolate fondue is super simple to make, you simply melt in a pot over the stove and transfer to a fondue pot that can keep it warm. Or you can purchase an electric fondue pot that does all the work for you. Cut up some strawberries, pieces of angel food cake, brownies or whatever else you like to dip in chocolate and dessert is served!


For cheese fondue, I cut up apples, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, roasted potatoes, grilled shrimp, sausage and bread to use for dipping. Just set out the fondue pot, some fondue sticks, and you’ve got yourself a fun and delicious spread.


Last but not least are the “signature drinks” for the party. There are so many popular drinks from the seventies but I selected the Aperol Spritz because the colors worked well with the table décor. A fun idea would be to provide mini bottles of Aperol, Prosecco and club soda so that each guest feels like they have their own personal cocktail station. To make the cocktail you simply fill your glass with ice, add equal parts Aperol and Prosecco, a splash of club soda and then garnish with an orange slice.


Hopefully this table will inspire you to try something fun and new for your next dinner party!

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