Rooted in Design with Plant Savvy Co.

Apr 05, 2024 at 04:38 pm by RMGadmin

Savannah Toal’s Journey with Plant Savvy Co.

By Katie Murphy

Branded Photography By Daniel Chaney

Savannah Toal’s passion for plants began in her childhood. She grew up on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina, spending most of her childhood outside playing in the woods or near the water. Inside or out, Savannah always felt connected to the natural world. Growing up, her mom had a plethora of indoor plants and gorgeous Hydrangea bushes, and her grandparents always had veggie gardens. In 2015, Savannah moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University and got her first indoor plant - a heart leaf philodendron that she still has cuttings from. When COVID hit in 2020, Savannah immersed herself in the plant community during quarantine. She started a blog and quickly discovered what she wanted to do with her life. “I knew deep down I truly needed to be working with my hands in the dirt,” Savannah says.
Savannah’s business, Plant Savvy Co., is a full-service custom interior scaping company. They design, install and maintain interior plantscapes for commercial and residential spaces. As Savannah says, “We bring your plant dreams to life!” She credits social media for Plant Savvy Co.’s success. What started as a plant blog in 2020 has blossomed into a community of over 80,000 followers on TikTok and 33,000 followers on Instagram. She says, “It was a way for me to express my passion during a time where I felt alone, as I’m sure many other people felt as well.” Now, she uses social media to educate, share her passion and connect with other “plant people.”
During a residential consult, Savannah and her team collaborate with the client to ensure their plants will thrive in their environment. If the client already has a green thumb, the team will assess the health of the plants and suggest changes. The client will then be sent a customized Plant Plan, which will guide them in caring for their plants. During a commercial consult, the team will examine lighting, architectural highlights, and the overall aesthetic of the space. This is a crucial step in the consultation process. Savannah and her team want to ensure that their installations are not only aesthetically pleasing but that the conditions in the space will allow for the plants to thrive.
Savannah’s favorite part of the job is watching her designs come to life and seeing the joy it brings to the clients. And that’s exactly what she got to experience in her proudest project: the Skylight Bar at the Factory at Franklin. “I always loved the Factory and had fond memories there, so when we were asked to help with the project, we were ecstatic!” A quick turnaround meant magic needed to happen fast - and it did. Savannah and her team installed over 400 plants in the rafters and around the bar in just three days to create an earthy, elegant and elevated atmosphere. She has admiration for Holladay Properties, who was tasked with renovating the Factory, stating, “They really wanted to breathe life back into the factory, and you can see that throughout the new renovations.”
Savannah says, “It’s beautiful and exciting to see a shift in how plants are used in commercial spaces. Designers are starting to incorporate more biophilic design choices. Treating plants as an integral part of the interior design rather than an afterthought can really elevate a project. These spaces are seen as aesthetic and can greatly impact people’s moods and well-being. Imagine lowering your customers’ stress levels and increasing their creativity and mood.”

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