November 2023 Publisher's Letter

Nov 08, 2023 at 11:51 am by RMGadmin

Dear Readers, 
Seems more than fitting that this issue – our November issue - the kickoff to all things holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, should fall in a time when I am feeling supremely grateful and thankful. I am normally a count my blessings kind of person, but we all go through seasons when prayerful gratitude for what we have, rather than being upset or focused on what we don’t, is hard to muster and is just human nature no matter how glass half full you may be! 


I do find as my husband, Johnny, relates in our A Southern Gentleman Is… story this month, that when I am feeling disgruntled, afraid or in despair, I can always find a way to put my focus on and have gratitude for the many blessings of my life. And there is no doubt, I am blessed. I have an amazing husband; two beautiful children for whom my entire world spins and my love has literally no bounds; there is my family overall – so blessed to live within short miles of everyone even my ninety-three years young grandmother. I count my business and the people who I get to work with every day as a major blessing and gift in life. When I go in that office and see the hum of creativity, the buzz of teamwork and the awesome group of people I have assembled who do what they love, and love what they do (even if they don’t think so), I can’t help but say: WHAT A GIFT! It is humbling to me and inspiring always. I am blessed to call this community home and every day I understand more and more what that really means. We live in a magical place. No, not utopia of course, but Williamson County is pretty close. 


Johnny and I had the blessing to take part in our recent City of Franklin elections; campaigning for our friends who were running for office, working a poll, hosting an event for a candidate and, in general, being engaged in the process. It was a teaching moment for our daughter, who was keenly interested in what it all meant. When the tide turned ugly in this election cycle, in a way, never seen before in this community, there were many lessons learned. Our citizens showed their gratitude and thankfulness for living in the greatest place in the world, by also engaging and getting out to vote in record numbers to preserve what we all hold dear…and electing and re-electing genuine, humble, forthright, honest and dependable candidates who value what we have here and all we hold dear. Thankful doesn’t really begin to cover it. 


Lastly, at least in this letter anyway, I want to say a prayer of blessing for my mother, who is alive and recovering from breast cancer this Thanksgiving. Again, thankful doesn’t begin to cover it. But I know that everyone around my table this holiday season will be thinking and saying the same prayer of gratitude that she is with us, and she will be whole and healed in time. A year ago, I guess we weren’t sure, even though our hearts refused to ever think the worst and only believed in the possible. And Jan Jan is our hero and answered prayer. Our greatest blessing this year.
From our family to yours – may your Thanksgiving be filled with blessings and gratitude and joy for all we are given and for all we can give.
Shelly Robertson Birdsong 
Publisher | Editor In Chief 
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