This One's for the Girls

May 09, 2023 at 10:49 am by RMGadmin

Dear Readers,
People seem to have a hard time defining what a woman is these days. It’s puzzling, because within this, our annual Ladies’ Edition, I see the epitome of a woman on every page. Our content this month is amazing if you ask me. Amazing and awe-inspiring, the women in this community; women in business, women who shine their light for great causes, women who give back profoundly in ways that sometimes are never even acknowledged but make such an impact. I see women who never doubt their own abilities, or if they do, they know, as a woman, their sisterhood will power them through it, raise them up and carry them forward even when they lose their will. Women are fierce, they are strong, they are beautiful in ways not visually seen. They are brave, they are loyal, and they are AMAZING. Every single day, a woman creates magic in the world around her. Whether it be in a great dress she wore, an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation, in her promotion to a CEO or President, being the first woman to…whatever that glass ceiling might be, or just making the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the school lunch: A woman – IS, simply put, pure magic herself. 
For all the ladies – you are seen, heard and beloved. Never forget your worth. Never forget your power! Enjoy this issue. Get to know these women and be inspired – motivated – changed. I know I am.

Shelly Robertson Birdsong

Owner | Publisher

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