Honoring Philanthropy in Williamson County

Oct 04, 2023 at 04:23 pm by RMGadmin

Dear Readers,

October, you are here! In this, our fabulous Fall Issue - we have plenty of Halloween fodder included and plenty of ideas to stay fall festive. But more importantly, this issue, every year, is one of my most meaningful. The ability to have a business, built with a model, that intrinsically helps to promote, market and lift up local nonprofits and charitable entities – was, and is a passion and life’s goal for me. It’s no mistake that “Community” is a key word we use around here, daily. And it feeds into everything we do and are about: This Community. We have touted the fact that we have donated over $2 million in marketing and advertising/promotion for local charitable events and projects. That fact alone, keeps me going when life in small business becomes daunting. Giving back is in our employee manual. And we take it seriously here. The how and the way may vary, but as a team, here at YOUR Williamson – we have that belief ingrained in everything we do. 
This issue salutes so many individuals and groups that are doing that too, and much more so than we are. There is so much good here to celebrate in Williamson County – and our community’s heart and generous nature is at the forefront. In this issue, I had the opportunity to recall and remember a group of individuals, I have had the honor to be a part of. Those  working together for fifty years, to put on this county’s largest and longest-running black tie ball: The Heritage Ball. I have been a volunteer, a guest, a hostess, an employee, a chair and a sponsor of this event for much of the last thirty-five years and the friends I have made, the amazing people I have met and the experience of seeing people who just want to give back and make something good happen, working together to that end, in such a profound way, still inspires me. For you see, like most worthwhile things are, there is more than what you may perceive on the surface. It’s about so much more than a fancy party. As the community celebrates this milestone, I know that for myself and so many other faithful and steadfast champions of preservation here in our community, we remember these years and all that has been achieved, which truly has made our community what it is today. If you encounter someone out and about, that you see in this issue’s special feature of lots of fun and fabulous past ball photos – tell them “thank you.” Because our home here would not be what it is without their efforts. 
There is one more important thing of note you must remember this October! It’s really the most important right we have as Americans. The  right to vote! In thinking about this community,  I want to challenge everyone reading my words to consider: What do we as citizens of this amazing place truly value? What matters most and contributes to the very fabric of this home we hold dear? And when you consider who you cast a vote for, whether it’s a national or local election, will you be ok standing by that vote, when the newness wears off, or the propaganda messaging fades? Should it be a political statement –  your vote? Or a statement about who we are as a community? A statement about who we should be grateful to for getting us here, and where we can go…or not go... based on who we elect to office. I value integrity, common sense, experience, honor and proven results in my elected officials. I know we all consider our vote thoughtfully when it’s cast – and thank you to all those who simply exercise the right to do so! What a privilege to be in a place where we can be proud of our leaders and what we have all accomplished together. Make sure when you go to vote on October 24th (or early vote starting October 4th). Take a friend, co-worker or family member with you! It is all our right and all our RESPONSIBILITY!
Shelly Robertson Birdsong
Shelly Robertson Birdsong
Publisher  |  Editor in Chief