Faithfully Restored

May 08, 2023 at 11:41 am by RMGadmin

Providing Hope and Support to Women 


BY Amelia Rose Smith

Faithfully Restored is a faith-based, non-profit organization founded by four ladies who felt a deep desire to provide hope to women walking through hardships. These founders have each experienced personal trials that have challenged their faith, but they were fortunate enough to have a supportive community to lean on during those difficult times. Faithfully Restored is their gift of support to women who may not have that pillar of strength. 
The journey of Faithfully Restored began with monthly meetings at Jennie’s home. The four founders, Jamie Hamilton, Jamie Heard, Heather Milburn and Jennie Springer, would write notes to women in our community who needed extra prayer and support. Whether walking through a devastating loss of a child or spouse, processing the unknowns of a medical diagnosis or feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, these women felt called by Christ to be a support system and friend to women in need. 
As more women reached out for help, they realized they could use their own experiences to provide meaningful support to other women. This led to the official launch of Faithfully Restored in 2019, which has since served over 1,200 women to date through individual prayer requests and over 3,500 women through community packages.
Faithfully Restored offers various opportunities for people to get involved in their mission. One way is through monthly prayer gatherings, held on the first Wednesday of every month, where they pray specifically by name for each prayer request they receive from the previous month.
People can also submit prayer requests for themselves or someone they know who could use extra support and encouragement.
At Faithfully Restored, there are endless opportunities for individuals to make a difference through volunteering. With each act of kindness, volunteers help create care packages, assemble community packages, deliver local packages and write uplifting notes. In addition, the organization holds a monthly Breakfast Club the first Thursday of each month, where guests can enjoy a hot meal and listen to inspiring speakers share their personal stories. The highlight of the year is Faithfully Restored’s annual Girls Night Out event. The event is a fun-filled evening of shopping, mingling with friends and listening to motivational speakers while raising funds to support Faithfully Restored’s mission of providing hope and support to women in need.
Faithfully Restored is a testament to the power of community and the positive impact that can be made when people come together to support one another. The organization’s founders had no prior non-profit experience but were able to trust in each other and rely on their faith to create something truly meaningful. With their continued efforts, Faithfully Restored will undoubtedly touch the lives of many more women facing difficult times in the future.
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