YOUR Charitable Self: Local Charities to Donate to this Holiday Season

Dec 14, 2022 at 09:51 am by RMGadmin

As the holiday season comes around this year, we all need to remember the reason for the season. Giving back has always been the cornerstone of the Williamson County community. YOUR Williamson has put together a list of local nonprofits that aid our community, not only during this time of year but year-round. So, as we celebrate the season of giving, consider donating time, resources or support to one or more of these incredible organizations.

The Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee
The Boys & Girls Clubs’ focus is helping all young people succeed through curriculum-based targeted programs and high yield activities designed to help Club Members reach our priority outcomes: academic success, healthy lifestyles, and good character and leadership. To become a volunteer or to donate, visit  
Davis House Child Advocacy Center
The mission and purpose of Davis House is to combat child abuse by coordinating services to children and families in crisis and providing community education focused on prevention and early intervention. They have been serving children in Williamson, Hickman, Lewis and Perry counties in Tennessee since 2000. All of their services are provided at no cost to the children and families they serve. You can donate to this organization by visiting 
GraceWorks was established twenty-six years ago by a group of concerned Williamson County citizens and faith leaders who sought a comprehensive, collaborative solution to the complex issue of poverty. Our founders recognized that local low-income residents had diverse needs – food, clothing, housing support, and financial assistance – yet, most area nonprofits and churches focused on only one or two services. By pooling church resources with private and public sectors, GraceWorks has offered wraparound services to many individuals and families in need, closing our more recent fiscal year, having served 16,823 Neighbors. For more information on these programs and how to donate, visit
One Generation Away

One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that do not have food sources due to economic and physical barriers. They serve the home-bound elderly, school children, and lower-income families by rescuing food from local grocery stores and restaurants seven days a week. Then, each month, OneGenAway volunteers bring food right to neighborhoods in need by arriving with truckloads of good food, mobile food pantries delivered right to the streets of neighbors in need on Saturday mornings all around middle Tennessee and beyond. To help fund this holiday season, visit

Tennessee Children’s Home
Tennessee Children’s Home is committed to improving the lives of those we influence through quality services in a Christian atmosphere. Those served by Tennessee Children’s Home will learn to live a healthy physical, mental, social, and Christian lives. Their four campuses provide safe harbor, treatment and a Christian environment for displaced families and youth. To help provide gifts for this holiday season, visit to donate. 
The Well Outreach

The Well Outreach offers a food pantry service to anyone in need. Their mission is to ensure that no household in Spring Hill, Thompson Station, College Grove, Santa Fe or northern Columbia is without food assistance when needed. To learn more about how you can help this organization, visit

Williamson County CASA

Thousands of children are abused or neglected every day in the United States. Through no fault of their own, these children are cast into a complex, chaotic and uncertain environment of courtrooms and foster care. Williamson County CASA helps children in this situation by speaking on their behalf in courtrooms, identifying safe homes for them to live in and listening to their stories. Donate today by visiting