Styling YOUR Everyday: Frame Worthy Photos

Nov 12, 2021 at 11:58 am by RMGadmin

Five Tips for Gorgeous Family Pictures

with Jenny Reimold

As the “Parenting Expert” on a local morning show in Florida, I often shared my “secret formula” for capturing the perfect family photo. I kept my behavioral expectations low, my fashion standards high, and let my kids be kids! So here’s my foolproof method for gorgeous family photos.

  1. Pick out the little girls’ outfits FIRST…this will decide our color theme. For years, we’ve always worn Matilda Jane... ALWAYS! They have THE BEST outfits that you can mix and match.
  2. Moms and grandmas get styled second! Look for 3/4 length sleeves; avoid cold-shoulder tops and jeans with holes. Instead, opt for cardigans and scarves that tie into the color theme. (Don’t do everyone in black/ jeans or khaki/white…that is so 1998. Choose COLOR!) Matilda Jane has women’s outfits that also match each collection.
  3. Boys and men get styled last. I typically choose a printed button-down for the youngest male and the rest, then coordinate with the girls.
  4. Add accessories, especially for the younger girls! Knee socks, hats, layered jackets, scarves...the details will make the photo pop. I love a “newsboy” hat for little boys.
  5. Let them be little. Capture the silly and the funny!

JENNY REIMOLD, Designer & Media Stylist

Writer and Franklin resident, Jenny Reimold, is a local designer who serves as HomeGoods’ “Style Expert.” Her work has been featured in House Beautiful, HGTV, People Magazine online, Property Brothers and Good Morning America. To follow her work, visit her Instagram @jennyreimold.