Read Between the Lines: Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee

Oct 15, 2021 at 10:05 am by RMGadmin

Is Franklin the Most Haunted City in Tennessee?

Is Franklin the most haunted city in Tennessee? That’s what Nashville-based author Allen Sircy is trying to find out with his new book Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee. After publishing Ghosts of Gallatin and Murfreesboro: Spirits of Stones River, the Southern Ghost Stories,  Allen spent the last two years researching Franklin’s history and alleged hauntings for his latest project.

“I worked in Franklin for ten years,” explained Sircy. “During that time, I heard stories about people seeing soldiers in homes, businesses and all over Columbia Pike. With the new book, I spent a lot of time digging into not just the Civil War, but all the fires around the Square as well as a lot of the high profile murders that took place around town.”

From Franklin’s own Dr. Frankenstein to the epic clash between John Bell Hood and John Scofield at the Battle of Franklin, Allen Sircy takes readers back in time to explain how a series of extraordinary events turned a small sleepy village into a charming small town with a dark side.

“Franklin is one of the best small towns in not just Tennessee, but the entire country,” said Sircy. “There is so much history, and it’s right under everyone’s nose. It’s a small, special part of the universe where many strange and tragic events took place. When you take the Civil War and add in all the fires during Reconstruction, plus sprinkle in shootouts on the Square, you get a lot of hauntings!” 

Southern Ghost Stories: Franklin, Tennessee is available for purchase at Landmark Booksellers and the Lotz House in Franklin. You can also find it online at and SouthernGhost