Read Between the Lines: Town Lawe

Jun 22, 2021 at 01:22 pm by RMGadmin

When Bruno Pirecki left his career in strategic alliances and entertainment relations, he knew exactly where his next steps would lead. The former Gibson Guitar Corp. executive started down the long and challenging road to publishing his first novel, Town Lawe. “The idea for the book had been brewing for several years,” Bruno said. “There was no doubt that I would write it. I could not escape the cast of characters until I told their story.”

“Our path is straight, yet it is made up of corners. It was designed this way, so the splendor unfolds only in glimpses.” So says Chilok, a tribal wise woman and mystic whom Townsend Lawe has known all his life.

Town Lawe is a precocious boy growing up in Pole Pass, Idaho, a sleepy mountain hamlet rich in mining history, native lore, and secrets buried since its foundation. Throughout his childhood, Town explores the mysteries of his deceased mother’s past. His academic studies and cross-country sleuthing lead to a shocking discovery, which exposes the sins of his hometown’s founding families. In the process, he experiences the wisdom of Chilok firsthand and opens an ancient truth that reveals a glimpse of what lies beyond…

“This novel has it ALL – adventure, intrigue, history, mystery, gorgeous scenery, murder, passion and romance and complex family relations.”

Town Lawe is a beautiful story with layers of history, intrigue, relationship, lore, and universal kinship.”

Before devoting himself to writing, Bruno Pirecki specialized in strategic alliances and artist relations in the Nashville entertainment industry. He is a native of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Wash. and spent his formative years in the San Juan Islands and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Bruno is a thirty-year resident of Franklin, Tennessee and lives in the downtown historic district with his wife, Jennifer, their three cats and one spoiled Rhodesian ridgeback. Town Lawe is his first novel. To learn more about Bruno Pirecki, follow him on Instagram @bruno.pirecki.


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