Misty Westebbe Photography

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I have always loved photography, but more than that, I love telling each family’s story. I love all the different stages that I get to photograph. My husband and I own Misty Westebbe Photography in Franklin, and when you bring your newborn to me to photograph the tiniest moments, I get to share in your joy! Then as your family grows, I get to see the new additions and the changes of each and every one as they grow. Family shoots through these changes are so much fun! To me, there are no hard stages, only new adventures! Then when they are graduating and their life is taking such a leap, I feel the emotion of change with you, as I capture them and who they are as a young adult.



I am a mother of two and grandmother of seven. This has truly helped me along the photography journey to know the stages that parents and children are passing through. Each day is a blessing and an opportunity for a beautiful memory, we just have to embrace it as a gift from God!

Through this journey of a love for photography, I continue to learn new techniques through classes and workshops. In 2019, I received my CPP certification from PPA. I love that as I do what I love, I can strive to learn and grow each and every day.



I grew up in Southwest Arkansas. Certainly, just a country girl at heart. There has always been a camera in my hand! I love all of Gods beauty, from amazing scenery to the simplest falling down barn, it is all about finding the beauty in everything and striving to replicate what the eye sees with my camera. This has now been a full-time business for fifteen years and I have to say I love every moment!

It’s so special to have our entire property be tons of possible backdrops for photos. What we thought was going to be a treehouse turned into the Nashville music cabin. Our ‘57 Chevy was our first prop that we purchased for the property here five years ago, and it’s been so used for all ages! The inspiration for our Hobbit house was our trip to Greece where we stayed in cave dwellings on the isle of Crete and it inspired us to come home and dig into our hillside and build a cave dwelling. It’s really sweet at Christmas time.



As I walk through the property and I bring families through, it’s a very sweet moment. Everything around the property is reclaimed and we have so much fun taking things that are old and being thrown away and creating something new and fabulous out of them. In fact, we have so many that there are more than I could ever do in one shoot, so you will have to come multiple times to capture it all. Give me a call to book your session today!

Misty Westebbe CPP