It's your Business: A New Vision of Luxury Awaits

Jan 27, 2020 at 11:31 am by adminjen

Your Williamson recently had the opportunity to sit and talk with Calina Burns – owner of Luxenhaus Day Spa. This new luxury day spa has opened in the Meridian Cool Springs and brings with it a new standard in a true spa experience.

Calina was working in property management in Palm Desert, California where she was introduced to a resort world and what a real spa was. “I learned how important a spa was and what it would do to recharge my batteries and rejuvenate me after a seventy-hour work week.” She then moved to Del Mar, California - “total paradise”- as she recalls and the mecca of Southern California and what spa means there. Beyond a love of spa, Calina also has a strong love for music and came by it honestly, as her father was discovered by Little Jimmy Dickens, a staple of the Grand Ole Opry and brought to Nashville where he became Dickens’ opening act. Calina enjoyed singing as well and while singing in Del Mar, another lady heard her and said, “Oh my gosh…we should be in Nashville!” So, the two singers made the trip together and Calina has never gone back. She got connected with those in the music industry and quickly started a new career here with her husband, opening a music distribution business. But when digital downloads took over and she knew changes were coming in the record distribution industry she looked into plan B.

Lucky for us - fast forward eleven years - and Plan B came to fruition in the newly re-branded Luxenhaus Day Spa. “The inspiration behind the name Luxenhaus, is based on my ancestry,” Calina says. “I was doing research of my family tree and found out that I have a lot of European ancestry and I am 5% Germanic. What was really fascinating is I was born in Germany. My father was in the Army at the time,” she says.

Luxenhaus popped in her mind one day. “I don’t know if Luxen is even a word, I thought, but I can make up my own word if I like! I researched and found that Luxen means “in luxury,” and it comes from the Baske area of Europe including France and Spain. It blew my mind because my first ancestor to immigrate, my 4th great grandfather, was from Spain. The reason for the German word Haus is that while going through the German side of my ancestry I discovered that my fifth great grandfather was one of the original founders of Nashville. One of the original settlers in Fort Nashboro. He was a colonel and his home still stands today. I feel like I was led here, and it was meant to be.”

“The Luxenhaus Day Spa re-brand is exciting. I am going to put an emphasis on German skincare lines. The Germans have always been on the cutting edge of spa, skin care, equipment and treatments,” she says.

But that’s not all! Luxenhaus also provides a full line of skin care products and services; multiple massage options including a couple’s massage - currently featured as a wonderful Valentine’s option - book now! Other massage specialties, body and mindfulness treatments, nail treatments, services for men, gift and other specialty spa related items for sale too!

Luxenhaus Day Spa invites you to be taken away into a world of calm and relaxing rejuvenation with the ultimate transformational spa experience. Enjoy a selection of treatments which are uniquely customized to the needs of each guest by their award-winning team of specialists and of course, their local owner, Calina Burns.

Calina concludes: “It’s not just a new year for a new you - it’s a new decade. This is going to be my decade. The NEW roaring 20’s - I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for me and this venture. What an exciting time to be in business.”

A new vision of luxury awaits at Luxenhaus!

Luxenhaus Day Spa
1175 Meridian Boulevard, Suite 100
Franklin, Tennessee 37067