Gentlemen Bachelors of Distinction

Jul 02, 2019 at 02:35 pm by PaigeAtwell


In our annual Summer Issue, we always like to give a little nod to the Distinctively Southern Gentlemen of Williamson County. We take nominations from the community for those they feel should be recognized. Those nominated are always community-minded, business professionals, philanthropists and volunteers who encompass the qualities of a gentleman. This summer, we have five gentlemen being recognized, among other things, and they all happen to be bachelors! Here are your Gentlemen Bachelors of Distinction!

Our bachelors were all brave enough to model summer fashions, provided by Belk of CoolSprings Galleria, that portray their individual styles. These fellas also all look dapper in a tuxedo of course! Pictured in black, slim-fit, two-button, notch lapel tuxedos with white fitted shirts, black satin bow ties, cummerbunds, black suspenders and black patent leather shoes provided by Street Tuxedo. You just can’t go wrong with a man in a tuxedo, and our Gentlemen show them off so well at our fashion shoot backdrop, historic Riverview in Franklin.

Mike Stapp

SVP Mortgage Advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners

If you were to ask Mike Stapp, a nineteen-year Williamson County resident, he would tell you that there is no better place to live, or be a bachelor, as
a matter of fact. “Bachelors are definitely rare in Williamson County,” explains Mike. “The majority of people that live here are married with children, I sometimes refer to it as ‘The Bubble’ because sometimes it just doesn’t seem real. In my humble opinion, it’s the best place to live and work in the country.” Being raised with a strong work ethic, Mike is proud to say he’s been an SVP Mortgage Advisor at Pinnacle Financial Partners for sixteen years. “My father raised my brothers and me to always work hard, do your best and that the rest will work itself out,” explains Mike. “Being with Pinnacle for as long as I have, I am very proud of what we as a firm have accomplished in middle Tennessee and especially Williamson County.” In his spare time, Mike enjoys working out at Lifetime Athletic, enjoying Brentwood’s public parks and spending time with his son. “I have a special needs son named Lucas who is seven-years-old,” explains Mike. “He is one of the sweetest boys in the world. I’m certainly biased, but you can ask around to verify that! Everywhere we go, people know Lucas.” For Mike, being a gentleman means, “having good manners such as holding doors, saying pardon me, helping people with difficult tasks,” and he has his Dad to thank for that. “My father set a wonderful example of what it meant to be a gentleman and to treat others with kindness.”

Mike is looking sharp in this Saddlebred® Short Sleeve Space Dye Polo and the Haggar InMotion Slim Fit Shorts.


Mackenzie Nehring

Assistant Branch Manager, F&M Bank - Franklin

Prior to the summer of 2015, you might have known Mackenzie Nehring, California native, as a traveling guitarist. Now, you probably recognize him as one of the friendly faces at downtown Franklin’s F&M Bank. “My first opportunity in banking was in the summer of 2015 when I left the road touring as a guitarist,” explains Mackenzie. “I sought a career path which better suited my personality and goals, and I didn’t mind starting at an entry-level position. I quickly learned the importance of building relationships with community members from all walks of life.” In September of 2018, Mackenzie joined Mary Lankford and Michael Barker at F&M Bank to help open their downtown Franklin location, an experience he deems one of the most rewarding so far, of his career. “My favorite part of being a local banker is having the opportunity to interact face to face with the incredible individuals that make up our community,” says Mackenzie. “I enjoy getting to know all of my clients so I can find the best ways to help them accomplish their financial goals.” When he’s not at F&M Bank, you can find him out enjoying the endless variety of restaurants in Williamson County, working on music in his home studio or serving with the Downtown Franklin Rotary Club and Heritage Foundation. “With so much to see and be a part of, not a day goes by that I am not reminded how lucky I am to live and work in Williamson County,” explains Mackenzie. “Working in downtown Franklin means I get to meet many different people, constantly make new friends and acquaintances and be at the center of a thriving community. I could not ask for a better to place to be a young bachelor!”

MacKenzie is suave in the Kenneth Cole Reaction Technicole Sport Coat and Pants, with a Calvin Klein Steel Non-Iron Stretch Performance Slim Fit Dress Shirt and Madison Feather Edge Reversible Belt.



Michael Ricks

Banjo Country Artist / Singer Songwriter, Author & Actor

From being a songwriter and musician, to an actor and a published author, you might could say that Michael Ricks does a little bit of it all. In his book, From Cult to Country: An Asthmatics Journey to Find More Air, Michael explains how at a young age he began to turn to music as an outlet of escape and emotional healing. As a musician today, it’s his goal to help others do the same. “My mission enables me to serve by doing music and traveling around the USA, regionally and in the Franklin community,” explains Michael. “This includes doing music in local churches like Christ Presbyterian, Franklin Community Church with Pastor Kevin Riggs and advocating for solutions for homelessness in Franklin and Williamson County. My favorite thing to do is to get people to tell their stories of tragedy to triumph! Take your pain and sorrow and turn it into an advantage.” Along with serving as a Cure Pack Artists for Medical Assistance Programs, Michael also enjoys playing local benefit concerts in the community. “I wake up every day knowing I have a mission and a purpose,” explains Michael. “I was born to play music and to use that music and message to help others. This motivates me to go after being my very best to always grow learn and get better.” When he’s not working to serve others, Michael enjoys hanging out with friends on the front porch of Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor or Puckett’s Leiper’s Fork on Thursday nights. As for being a bachelor? Michael feels blessed to be surrounded by the love and support of Williamson County. “Being a bachelor in Williamson County: I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such a deep- rooted community of support,” says Michael. “To me, being a gentleman means living to serve. Honoring God by loving and serving other people. Of course, you get the door for your lady, walk on the side closest to the street etc. Show some chivalry; live unselfishly. It feels amazing to be nominated; all I can say is thank you!”
Michael is rocking this look in a Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Cotton T-Shirt, Kenneth Cole Reaction Technicole Vest in Grey Check and WILLIAM RASTTM Dean Slim Straight Jeans.


Kel McDowell

Director of Government Affairs, Williamson, Inc.

From a young age, Kel McDowell has understood the value of being informed and involved in his community. In November of 2017, following his passion for current events and public affairs, Kel joined the Williamson, Inc. team as their Director of Government Affairs. “As I began my career path, I learned the incredible impact of economic/community development efforts, ultimately engaging in work within those fields,” said Kel. “These two, very intertwined paths have met in my current role, which I appreciate.” As Kel took on his new position, Williamson, Inc. was kicking off a campaign for a 2018 school sales tax referendum, giving Kel an opportunity to quickly connect with community members and organizations across the county. “What’s incredible about Williamson County is its interconnectedness and strong community ties,” explained Kel. “There are so many people across the county engaging in meaningful work, and their ability to rally support from within is truly wonderful... It was heartening to genuinely learn the importance Williamson County residents place on education.” Along with being surrounded by progressive thinkers in an engaging, caring community, Kel also enjoys living in Williamson County because it’s within driving distance to his hometown of Gainesboro, Tennessee. In addition to working with Williamson, Inc. full time, Kel also volunteers and serves in leadership positions with organizations such as the Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition, TNAchieves, Mid-Cumberland Area Development Corporation, Leadership Young Professionals, the Greater Nashville Technology Council and Leadership Brentwood. “To me, being considerate is the key hallmark for what I consider a gentleman to be,” said Kel. “There are some truly incredible people in Williamson County and Middle Tennessee. It’s a very dynamic time for our region, and a truly wonderful place to be.”

Kel keeps it classic in this Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Button Down in cotton twill paired with the Nautica Beacon Pants.


Curt Stacy Director of Equine Programs, First Presbyterian Church / TEAM-FPC

Curt Stacy is inspired to work harder, be better and do more when he sees the results of projects he undertakes, and he certainly has a lot. Since 2012, Curt has served as the Equine Program Director at First Presbyterian Church in Oak Hill, located in Nashville. In addition, after working as a special education teacher for Metro Nashville Public Schools, Stacy just recently launched The Therapeutic Equine Assistance Method (TEAM-FPC), a new, full-time therapeutic horseback riding program serving adults with disabilities, veterans and first responders. “Developing this program was a way for me to combine my love of helping people with disabilities and my love of horseback riding,” said Curt. “I believe that by contributing to my role as the equine program director of a therapeutic horseback riding program, I am offering a service to the community that can improve physical strength, cognitive processing and emotional stability for adults with disabilities, veterans and first responders - thus improving their quality of life through recreational activities with horses.” Curt is also a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH) Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor with Saddle Up!, a nonprofit organization providing children and youth with disabilities the opportunity to grow and develop through therapeutic, educational and recreational activities with horses. Although he’s only lived in Williamson County for a little over a year, Curt already feels right at home in the community. He loves that it offers “both urban conveniences and rural living experiences.” He enjoys being with friends, keeping himself in shape, spending weekends on the family farm, playing music and, of course, riding horses. Feeling honored to be nominated and featured as one of our Gentlemen of Distinction, Curt strives to be just that. “What it means to me to be a gentleman is that you are well mannered and exhibit virtues such as honesty, integrity and morality,” explains Curt. “You especially treat women with respect.”

Curt is looking fine in this Tallia Orange Paisley Performance Dress Shirt designed in stretch fabric with a wrinkle-resistant finish, with Levi's® 505TM Regular Fit Jeans and Leegin Eastwood Leather Ornament Taper Belt.