The Crown of Downtown with Walton's Jewelry

May 10, 2024 at 11:19 am by RMGadmin

Crown of Downtown



When my grandmother, Melba Walton, opened the doors to her business five decades ago, she unlocked doors of opportunity for women across Franklin and Williamson County.


Born Melba Horner in nearby Waverly, Tennessee back in 1924, she always held a vision that was far ahead of her time and a determination to make her entrepreneurial dreams come true.
Long before women could start a line of credit or a business of their own, Melba had honed her skills as a bookkeeper and discovered a genuine passion for antiques –especially fine jewelry –that she would sell at flea markets. Her keen eye quickly garnered admiration, yet she knew her ambitions exceeded the limitations of selling from a booth or the hood of her car.


In 1974, Melba opened the original Walton’s Jewelry showroom at Carter’s Court, Franklin’s premiere shopping center of the time. It was there that Melba established a loyal local client base; and welcomed my father, Mike, into the family business as he began laying the groundwork for future generations.


But Melba’s ambitions didn’t stop there. Recognizing opportunities where others saw challenges, she boldly ventured into new territory, ultimately becoming one of the first women in Franklin to own a commercial property. With the support of a trusted ally in real estate, Melba secured our prized storefront on Main Street, cementing her legacy as a pioneer in the community.
Today, as I continue the journey that my grandmother started, I am inspired by her resilience and innovation. With each piece of jewelry that we showcase and each client that we welcome into our family, we pay tribute to the remarkable woman who started it all–my grandmother, Melba Walton.

“Fabulous and heart-centered business. Their pieces are gorgeous and the store beams with warmth and kindness.”

Susan Y. - Walton's client