Jay Cutler’s Journey with Gratis Beer

Feb 28, 2024 at 02:08 pm by RMGadmin

Jay Cutler’s Post NFL Playbook – Gratis Beer
Interview by Anna Robertson Ham
As a former National Football League quarterback, venturing into the brewing world was quite a change of pace for Jay Cutler. But he stepped into it with the same passion and drive as he did on the field. When developing Gratis, Jay and his crew set out to create something better… A clean beer made with only four simple ingredients: Yeast, hops, grain and water. Gratis is brewed based on Reinheitsgebot, or purity law, which is one of the oldest brewing processes created to keep beer pure. Every sip of Gratis is high-quality, clean beer. The product is additive-free, impurity-free and no junk. They wanted a beer that wasn’t too hoppy and didn’t taste bitter and they believe that their brewmaster nailed it with the process and vision they have established. 
Jay’s desire to bring a beer that would be great on any occasion has manifested into what he knew it would be. Jay lives locally and Gratis is proudly brewed locally as well. You can find it in Tennessee bars, restaurants and grocery stores with plans to expand to other states soon. Find locations by visiting gratisbeer.com and learn more in our interview with Jay.
When and how did Gratis Beer begin? What was the process in starting the company and getting this particular brand going?


JC: We started this project in the fall of 2022. Designing and deciding which type of beer we wanted to create was a blast. Lipman brews our beer out in The  Nations just west of town.


What is your history with the craft of beer and why are you passionate about it? 


JC: As I got older, I didn’t like the flavored water that some of the light beers are. I wanted something with a little more substance and body.   


Describe Gratis Beer, in your words, and how it is different.


JC: That’s tough because we have three different beers out, but I think if we had to pick one word it would be smooth. We didn’t want our beers to be bitter or too hoppy and I think we have developed a very drinkable beer with body and taste.  


What has been the biggest challenge in this endeavor?


JC: Getting people to try new things. There are some very reputable and strong beer brands in the industry. It just takes some time to get it into the hands of the people.


What do you feel Gratis Beer pairs best with (food, atmosphere, event, etc.)? 


JC: We designed this beer to go with any situation, whether you are at the pool for the day or want to make a nice dinner and pair  some beer with it. We feel like we can fill any situation the customer wants.


What plans do you have for the company in the future?


JC: We are just trying to grow the business and get more beer out in front of people. We realized this is going to be a slow process, and we are just enjoying the ride. 


Tell us about your involvement with local charities, like A Vintage Affair.


JC: We live here… We make it a priority to donate to great causes like this. Helping people in our neighborhoods is something we always try to get involved with.


To learn more about Gratis Beer, you can visit their website at gratisbeer.comor follow them on instagram  @gratisbeer.