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Nov 07, 2023 at 11:20 am by RMGadmin

Situated on the historic grounds of the Battle of Franklin, there’s a place that’s stood the test of time. Once known as Henry’s Neighborhood Grocery Store and Franklin’s inaugural drive-in, the Gilco, it was acquired by Toby and Hazel Green in 1987 and transformed into the Country Charm Antique Mall. Over the next three decades, it became a beloved fixture in downtown Franklin. After Pam Hood’s parents passed away, she saw the potential to turn this cherished location into something new. With the help of her cousin Missie Hanson, they embarked on the journey of creating Zula & Mac.
At Zula & Mac, every item is thoughtfully hand-selected, ensuring each piece serves a purpose. The store specializes in home décor and has a full-time designer, Missie, a graduate of O’More College of Design. The Zula team excels at understanding customers’ individual preferences, tastes, and goals. Their selections are not merely items; they’re personalized expressions of each client’s distinctive personality. Whether the challenge is one of style, budget constraints, or the pursuit of the perfect upholstery, the team’s talents shine as they craft dream designs tailored to perfection.
What sets Zula & Mac apart, is its commitment to unique, quality pieces. Rather than stock items from mainstream home décor lines, they focus on medium to higher-end selections, with a keen eye for the distinctive and on-trend. Their inventory is a treasure trove of timeless classics, complemented by a chic and stylish boutique that resonates with women of all ages. The boutique proudly showcases an extensive jewelry collection, offering the largest assortment of Morgan and Me designs in all of Franklin, distinguished by their stylish, polished, and versatile appeal—a perfect match for the chic, busy, and active women in the community. In addition, Zula & Mac take great pride in their meticulously curated artificial floral selection. Each piece is chosen with care to ensure an authentic, lifelike appearance, and they are arranged with artistry and precision. With the holiday season approaching, the store eagerly embraces the spirit of Christmas, offering a wide range of decorations, gifts, ornaments, garlands, and wreaths to turn your space into a winter wonderland.
And yet, Zula & Mac’s commitment to the community goes far beyond their retail offerings. Pam Hood’s roots in the area run deep, and this connection is enduring. Together, Pam Hood, Missie Hanson and Amy Martin cherish their long-standing, loyal customers and eagerly welcome newcomers with open arms. Being an integral part of downtown Franklin isn’t just a privilege; they hold a responsibility close to their hearts, and they revel in the vibrant, historic tapestry of this remarkable community.

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