Teeing Up the Future

Sep 05, 2023 at 02:54 pm by RMGadmin

With SwingZen
In the heart of Tennessee’s picturesque landscapes resides Glen Yarbrough, a visionary inventor with a thirty-plus year legacy of shaping lives through groundbreaking innovations. Having moved to Williamson County six years ago from Nashville, Glen’s innovative spirit has found a new frontier: golf training, embodied in his brainchild, SwingZen Analyzer.


Glen’s inventive journey has left an indelible mark. His innovations, gracing the shelves of major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and Menards, and even earning him a place in Popular Mechanics magazine’s 100th anniversary edition, are a testament to his imaginative genius.


Infused with his passion for golf, Glen conceived SwingZen as an app to measure clubhead speed with a smartphone. This modest idea grew into a transformative force through years of tireless research and development, resulting in SwingZen’s revolutionary concept.


This journey wasn’t solitary.


Recognizing the need for seamless integration of innovation and branding, Glen teamed up with his daughter, Nicole Smith, a brand development expert with a decade-long career. Together, their synergy propelled SwingZen from an idea to a reality.


SwingZen is no ordinary app. It’s an AI-driven marvel that accurately tracks body, ball and club dynamics using only a smartphone—Glen’s ingenuity culminates in an accessible and personalized golf coaching experience. A testament to the power of determination, SwingZen harmonizes innovation with precision to redefine golf training.


As SwingZen gears up for a global debut, it encapsulates Glen Yarbrough’s legacy of redefining boundaries. His inventive brilliance, combined with Nicole’s branding finesse, has birthed a phenomenon that promises to revolutionize the sport. In a world of constant evolution, SwingZen embodies the pinnacle of training.


SwingZen invites golfers to experience training’s zenith, fusing innovation with precision to re-imagine the very essence of the game.


SwingZen Ribbon Cutting Event:

Franklin Grove Innovation Center

423 South Margin Street

Franklin, TN 37064

September 13th at 11 am

Light Lunch Provided with Product Demo


 SwingZen Launch Event:

Cheekwood Golf Club

285 Spencer Creek Road

Franklin, TN 37064

September 15th from 8 am - 11 am