Williamson County's First Bitcoin Hub

Jun 24, 2024 at 01:53 pm by RMGadmin

Bitcoin Revolution

Bringing together community and cutting-edge technology, Todd and Janet Gatewood are reaching into the future with the very first Bitcoin education and community center in Williamson County. Picture workspaces and a social membership club combined with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education, and you have the Bitcoin Ben Crypto Club located in Cool Springs!
Partnering with “Bitcoin Ben” Semchee and a group of investors, the Gatewoods have tailored the club’s unique business model specifically to serve the local community. Walk in the door, and you’ll be surprised at what you see, including handmade tables throughout the club, to office spaces, a conference room that seats twenty, a podcast room, educational content, a Bitcoin ATM, a small library, custom watches, eighty-five inch TVs, a coffee bar, and even a wall to wall American flag!  In addition to attending classes, club members often stop by to grab a cup of coffee, charge their laptops, work between appointments, and even hold their business meetings at the club. “We want our members to enjoy the space whether for education, work or socially. They can also book private events for a discounted fee and hold trainings, receptions, parties, whatever they need in our event space,” shares Todd Gatewood.
Both native Tennesseans, the Gatewoods began this journey in 2021 when they were looking for a way to generate new streams of income, a way to grow their savings and outpace inflation, and help their community. “Just like the early days of the internet, this new digital currency and web three space is going to revolutionize the monetary system and jobs worldwide. It’s still new and while many people have heard about it, most don’t understand it” explains Todd Gatewood. Semchee and the Gatewoods want to change that here in Williamson County and throughout the country and globally.  Once the club is fully established, they will sponsor local charities monthly.
The Brentwood club is the second Bitcoin Ben Crypto Club in the US. The third opened June 8th outside of Boston, and the fourth will open in St. Louis in October. Clubs will soon open in Texas, Florida, California, Australia, and the UK. The clubs offer a place to talk with someone in person, learn about the space from a trusted source, and meet other people in the community with the same interests.
A full-time Realtor in Williamson County since 2007 with Pilkerton Realtors, Janet Gatewood sees the future changing as buyers seek to purchase homes with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. “Everything will be on the blockchain in the future, including all property deeds. A.I. has entered the picture as well, and the club is a resource for the business and real estate community to learn about these new technologies and how to incorporate them into their businesses,” shares Janet Gatewood.
Nashville is hosting the largest Bitcoin Conference in the world, Bitcoin 2024, July 25-27. Bitcoin experts from all over the world will converge on the Music City Center. “Nashville will host this conference for the next five years,” says Todd Gatewood, “Bitcoin Ben, Janet, and I will meet with top industry leaders over the weekend. It’s thrilling to see Nashville recognized as a top Bitcoin city and we want our Williamson County community to be at the forefront of this emerging economy.”
Visit bitcoinbencryptoclubnashville.com to learn more!