It's YOUR Business: Community-Centered, Purpose-Driven

Mar 01, 2023 at 10:35 am by RMGadmin

Iris Medical Group

BY Madison Rose Lovely

A unique and exceptional medical practice has laid roots in Brentwood. Iris Medical Group (IMG) is owned by Dr. Joel Parker and Dr. Olumide Akingbemi – both graduates of Meharry Medical College. With over a decade in medicine, the two physicians have fostered a fruitful twenty-year friendship from which they have birthed a medical practice with a mission to make medical care accessible and personal for each patient. IMG is a dream turned reality that is rapidly impacting the community since having recently opened their doors on November 1st, 2022. When asked how the response has been from the community, Dr. Joel Parker replied, “We knew there was a need. We underestimated how big the need is.”  
The pandemic exposed so many medical needs but nothing more than the need to bring intentional medical care back into the home. There are many communities and families whose lives would radically benefit from this. In-home care offers the same full-service medical support found in a typical doctor’s office, but without the taxing commute. Additionally, it minimizes the painfully long waiting room times and the dreaded exam room where people are often uncomfortable. When both doctors talk about IMG, you can see the joy illuminate in their eyes. Dr. Olu Akingbemi shared, “I wake up every day knowing that I’m living in purpose. I haven’t been this excited about medicine since I was in college. The people we are serving, the testimonies we are witnessing... this is why we went to medical school.” 
Iris Medical Group is quality, accessible healthcare that will travel to you. IMG is a provider of multiple health plans, including Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans. 

Dr. Joel Parker and Dr. Olumide Akingbemi,
with their mentor, Bishop Joseph Walker, while in medical school at Meharry Medical College.

There is something to be said about your doctor knowing your name, caring for your family and having your best interest at heart. To be cared for on a level that is intentional to each patient’s needs or limitations is imperative. A community-centered, purpose-driven and solution focused medical group whose primary goal is to ensure your quality of life – If only there was one on every corner! 
By offering in-home care, IMG allows the medical team to establish meaningful relationships with the patient, their family and their caregivers. It also allows them to evaluate the home setting for any risks or contributors that are not beneficial to their overall health. 
These doctors view it as an honor to serve their community with a practice that is re-imagining your medical care. The practice has four office staff members, and the physicians are part of twelve medical providers who all work mobile. It takes a village, and they credit all the surrounding medical fields that lend their referrals and services to help make Iris Medical Group the best it can be for their patients. 
Primary Care Clinic
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