YOUR Education: Vision. Purpose. Mission. at New Hope Academy

Jan 27, 2023 at 11:39 am by RMGadmin

BY Doris McMillian, Director of Admissions and Enrollment

The primary purpose of education is to provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that will allow children to develop their full potential and become successful members of society. Education is more than just a mere word; it finds its strength in our daily lives as a proper necessity. 
New Hope Academy offers an education rooted in the Christian classical tradition that seeks to establish a biblical worldview and cultivate wisdom by nourishing the soul with truth, beauty and goodness. Our equitable approach to education instills vision and confirms hope for all children. We seek to be a catalyst for change in the cycle of poverty by providing an education to the under-served in our community through our commitment to removing financial and social barriers. Additionally, we reserve forty percent of enrollment for children below or near the poverty line.
Our educational program invites children to engage with a feast of living ideas through an integrated and challenging curriculum. We blend many curricular distinctives to produce an educational environment that is Christ-focused, hands-on and conscious of the needs of the learner.
We fully recognize the importance of educating children, and offering these opportunities to learn opens the door to developing self-knowledge and life and social skills that optimize life chances and economic well-being. This form of education must be authentic and promote an environment of relationships that strengthen academic excellence and nurture a community of cultural, racial and economic diversity.
The value in cultivating this type of education must be present in the life of a child as well as the adults who supervise this child. That gives us a visual triangle of academic excellence that gains usage of prefixes and suffixes. The pinnacle must be the child that rests on the foundation of a partnership between the schools and the parents. There must be respect for each person that benefits the child and recognizes that this child needs to grow in dignity and admiration and is capable of learning wherever they are placed. Finally, we must recognize that education is accessible to all, and it must offer hope for the future.
The profession of education requires all stakeholders to be diligent in their efforts and work toward their best. It is not the amount of knowledge you hold presently, but the more you will acquire. It resolves all to be truthful and grants others the opportunity to be honest as you model this behavior of learning. Become educated together. Loyalty is an attribute that offers internal strength. It allows the family unit to enter the halls of academia and support the faculty and staff in their commitment to teaching children. It will boost the self-esteem of adults, while also teaching youth the importance of togetherness. We are better together, and taking care of each other proves to be a requirement that must be done to foster the respect needed to educate and be educated.

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