I Am Williamson County: Brother Henry

Nov 12, 2021 at 10:18 am by RMGadmin

By Claire Page

Franklin's Most Familiar Face

If you have ever been up and down Main Street in Franklin, Tennessee, you will have seen Brother Henry, a Williamson County favorite. You can usually find him outside of the Franklin Theatre with a smile on his face waving to the people walking up and down the street while also having multiple people around him listening to his stories. We were lucky enough to interview him and how much he loves the city of Franklin and the folks that live here.

YW: When did you move to Franklin?  

I have been in Franklin for over seventy years, but I have been in my current home for only five or six years.  

YW: What is your favorite thing about Williamson County or Franklin?  

My number one favorite thing about Franklin is the folks. I enjoy spreading love to the people and praying for them.  

YW: Where did you get your name, Brother Henry? 

I got the name Brother Henry because I am a minister. I went to seminary and came back, and when I started working for the churches, they started calling me Brother Henry. The name started being used when I did street preaching and congregational preaching.  

YW: You are considered a Main Street fixture; how does that make you feel?  

It is a tremendous feeling, and how you get that way is how you treat people. When you have different tourists in town, they do not want to come to cracked faces; when you smile at them, they will not forget you, and I always say, “come right back!”   

YW: What is your favorite place in Franklin?   

My favorite place is Franklin High School because I am involved with their band. I am their band mentor. I also used to play bass drum in the band back in the ‘60s. Now, I attend all of their football and basketball games.  

YW: With the holidays coming up, what are you most looking forward to?  

I am looking forward to being with family and things opening back up after dealing with COVID over the past couple of years.  

YW: What is your favorite memory of Williamson County?  

My favorite memory is as a kid, I did a lot of baseball in the summer, and Natchez School was in operation, and I would go over to their school every Friday night to watch or play the ball games. Another fond memory for me is working at the Franklin Theatre for twenty years. When I worked at the theatre, I did it all! I was the only male maintenance man, and I got to meet so many people with that job.  

YW: Everyone in Franklin loves you. If you could let the people of Franklin know one thing, what would you say to them?  

For us Franklin folks, I would like to say thank you for having me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being a friend to me, and I love you all just like you love me. When I pass on, I will leave a legacy behind to the folks of Franklin.

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