Fashionable YOU: Top Fall Jewelry Trends

Oct 11, 2021 at 02:51 pm by RMGadmin

With Dena Nance

As we make the passage from summer into fall, it’s time to transition that shift dress from block heel sandals to chunky knee-high boots and a tailored plaid “shacket.” But what does that mean for the finishes you add to your look? Fortunately, the jewelry trends for 2021 are less about investment and more about expression.  

Costume jewelry (rather than fine jewelry) is often said to have originated in the early 19th century in Germany, where iron castings were popularized as a means of self-expression of loyalty and patriotism. Imagine spotting a tennis racket brooch on someone’s lapel and sparking a conversation about your beloved hobby. Fast forward a mere 200+ years, and the prevalence of zodiac signs, phrases, and spiritual symbols is still a catalyst to social interaction when adorning your best look. 

Still, while the entire concept of a trend suggests a uniformity of style, this fall season emphasizes a level of customization and uniqueness. Layered necklaces, mix and match earring combinations, and rings on as many fingers as you can stand are the “it” way to choose according to your mood.  

So, what about trends that are age-appropriate or fit the occasion? We’ve got you covered (in shiny things). Whether bold or conservative, young or old, formal or casual, the only rule is to stay in a lane. Don’t choose the middle of the road blah. It’s a time for minimalist studs and delicate chains OR outrageous earrings and chunky piles of chain links. It’s a time to be demure or flashy…your choice. 

Wait, I’ve not even mentioned the hues of the season or even the words “pumpkin” or “spice.” Perhaps a nice break from the norm (black). So instead, let’s focus on some mocha, whipped cream, cherries, olives, lemons, raspberries and blueberries. Hold on…are we talking food or fashion? Yes, fall gemstones, pearls and crystals may get lost on your plate or in your mug but will pop against the gold, silver, rose gold, and gunmetal finishes.  

Lastly, it’s always been helpful to know what to keep wearing from the prior season and what to push to the back of the accessory closet, right? If you are still relishing that last beach vacation’s photos where your turquoise and pink earrings were a standout, keep them going into fall. Those gold paperclip chains were a good buy, so now add in some silver or gunmetal to freshen up your layers. Hoops are always a good idea but consider hanging charms or pearls from them for some pizzazz. 

Don’t forget to bring the bling for this month’s Halloween costumes too. My version of Mr. T won the contest thanks to all of the extras! No matter the trend, it’s all about the confidence you get from your look in the end.  

Top jewelry trends

Don’t stray from Layers - but all gold can be old…mix in silver, gunmetal, rose gold, and beads
Rings are “the” thing
Letters are better - monograms, words and phrases
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign (zodiac)
Mix and match earrings (studs, multiples)
Oversized and understated (minimalist vs. maximalist)

Dena Nance

Dena Nance Jewelry

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