In YOUR Neighborhood: L&L Market

Mar 01, 2023 at 12:06 pm by RMGadmin

Eat, Shop, Live – L&L Market is Nashville’s Delightful Destination

By Amelia Rose Smith

Since spring of 2019, L&L Market has served as a dynamic community of inspired ideas begging to be discovered and explored! L&L Market is a 55,000-square-foot retail, restaurant and office marketplace molded out of a 100-year-old property on Charlotte Pike. L&L Market is home to many locally owned businesses in the middle Tennessee area and provides a place for locals and visitors alike to eat, shop and live in style! 
Gracie's Milkshake Bar
Eat Bubbles
Honest Coffee Roasters
Amelia's Flowers
Cultivate Coworking
With food options ranging from coffee, beer and milkshakes to pasta, tacos and spices galore, it is a perfect place for foodies to assemble. Grab a light bite or sit down and stay a while! 
L&L Market boasts a wonderful array of luxury retail. From fashionable home décor to trending clothing, local tokens and even floral bouquets, one can find a gift for anyone on their list...even if it is yourself!
L&L Market welcomes guests to gather, work and unwind with open community spaces, private party rentals as well as studios to channel your inner Yogi or hop on a bike for a cycling session. 
L&L Market has lived many lives since it was built in 1929. This historic icon was first used as a place to manufacture hosiery for ladies. It was called Se-Ling Hosiery Mill, and during that time, all the neighbors in the neighborhood worked there. After the hosiery mill, it became Genesco, Inc – a footwear factory. After Genesco, it became Madison Mill, then after Madison Mill, it remained vacant for a long time.
In 1996 Tamay Ozari purchased the property to house his growing L&L Restaurant Equipment Company. He immediately fell in love with the building’s historic lines and characteristics. 
“When I came here to buy this building, it was nothing but pigeons everywhere. Look how beautiful it is; it has so much character. You cannot build a building like this,” shares Tamay.  
After twenty years of using the building for restaurant equipment, Tamay had grown more certain that it was his passion and responsibility to restore the structure, ensuring its future and place on the Nashville skyline. With our city gaining popularity and becoming a jewel in the crown of the nation’s developers, Tamay’s concerns increased. He feared his two-story, low-rise “sweetheart” may fall prey to the designs of higher land use and the blade of a bulldozer. 
Soon, Tamay received offers for the building, but when he caught wind that they were going to tear it down and build apartments in its place, he said, “No way!” Instead, Tamay decided to give back to the neighborhood and greater Nashville area and to turn the factory into a one-stop shop for shopping, dining and lifestyle opportunities in Nashville.
With almost a century of history, L&L Market is an oasis for families and friends to enjoy! So, make your day special by relaxing in a vintage historic atmosphere that drips with class, character and elegance. 
3820 Charlotte Avenue  |  Nashville, TN  |  615.321.2200