Your Kids - You've Been Hugged!

Feb 08, 2021 at 02:07 pm by RMGadmin

An idea to spread love and light this February.

By Mindy Spradlin

Given the events of 2020, and how 2021 is already off to a relatively rocky start, I’ve decided that we should all collectively spread as much cheer and joy possible, all year long. No holding back! If the circumstances of the world and the circumstances of the country are going to be dreary and gray, I want to counteract that with as much love and light as possible.

Normally Valentine’s Day is a holiday students celebrate with their classmates, and many people celebrate with their loved ones as well. This year though, I’ve decided to branch out with my kids and celebrate with my neighbors, and I invite you to as well. There can never be too many acts of kindness.

Let me introduce you to the “You’ve Been Hugged” basket. You are probably familiar with the “You’ve Been Booed” basket that people often do in October or the “You’ve Been Elfed” basket in December. Well, this is a similar idea with a new spin.

You’ve Been Hugged Neighbor Surprise Instructions:

What You Need

• A basket, bucket, or festive bag

• Some store-bought treats or homemade goodies. 

• The card and sign that can be downloaded at that explain how You’ve Been Hugged works

How To Do It

• Put everything together in the basket including the printable card and door/window sign.

• Choose a neighbor or multiple neighbors who will be the recipient. 

• Drop it off on their front porch and disappear! Don’t give away your identity. This should be a mystery!

If you are the person in your neighborhood to get it started, begin on February 1st or close to that and consider doing two or three baskets to get it going. That way it can multiply over the next two weeks throughout many, many homes and bring love and excitement to dozens!

Be creative or keep it simple. You can’t go wrong either way!