It's All a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Oct 09, 2020 at 10:26 am by RMGadmin



While there are a lot of Halloween movies that our family looks forward to each year, Hocus Pocus is #1 on our list. Each year, we welcome in fall with a family viewing of Disney’s bewitching tale. To celebrate our favorite movie, I styled a Hocus Pocus inspired dining room to honor Salem’s spookiest sisters.



For the foundation of the table, I layered five yards of black and white striped fabric from JoAnn’s and topped that with four yards of purple velvet fabric to mimic the richness of the Sanderson Sister dresses. This was a “no-sew” project as I simply left the raw edges cascading off the table. After finding a hanging votive holder at HomeGoods, I styled battery-operated, black flame candles amongst the place settings and plush, velvet pumpkins.



Without the Sanderson Sisters, there would be no Hocus Pocus so it would be impolite to not invite them to our table. Using a branch from our yard that we spray painted black, I hung the notorious, velvet dresses and wigs from its limbs as a way to include Sarah, Mary and Winifred in our home. For a kid friendly, edible special effect, I added two scoops of green sherbet and a 1⁄2 cup of ginger ale to cauldrons found in the dollar bins at Target.



To keep guests busy, offer a creepy craft in the form of DIY cookie kits. Michelle Wilson, owner of Meesh’s Bakery Franklin, created premade cookie packs filled with freshly baked cookies and small, disposable icing bags perfect for tiny hands. Meesh’s Bakery also custom made the Sanderson Sisters cookies from cutters by Kaleida Cuts. More holiday cookie ideas and tutorials can be found on Meesh’s Bakery’s Instagram account.



Turn on the Hocus Pocus, break out the soundtrack and celebrate childhood memories with a themed table ready to kick off the Halloween season! For more family friendly designs and honest lifestyle content, visit my Instagram, @jennyreimold.