A Word from our Publisher

Mar 23, 2020 at 02:04 pm by adminjen

A Word From Our Publisher –

To all of our customers, partners, organizations, sponsored events and the Williamson County community we love to serve - we hope that you and yours are staying safe and well. In this uncertain time, we are all doing our best to remain positive and proactive. Here at Your Williamson and Robertson Media Group, we will be doing that every day and want to be able to help whenever and in whatever way we can, our fellow small business owners trying to navigate a difficult time.

We have made our business over the last nine years, by always trying to do the right thing and be a part of this community in a profound and meaningful way. Right now, that philosophy could not be more important or more in play, as we, just like you, plan and strategize how to keep our doors open, keep our employees and continue with a business we have worked so hard to build, long after this dark hour ends. So, for now, we are focused on getting the word out for you on news about closures, cancelations and re-scheduling - please send us your event information and updates as well as your business hours if you are a retail, service or dining establishment.

Moving forward, and because we plan to weather this storm with you and come out on the other side strong and viable - we are offering stimulus rates on all online, e-blast and social campaigns for advertisers wanting to showcase their daily specials and promotions. Contact us at sales@yourwilliamson.com or give us a call at 615-428-2595 if you would like to do so on any of our community platforms. We will also be offering similar type stimulus print rates for the next issue – which will be our Spring 2020 Issue – on stands end of April. This issue will highlight all the reasons why Williamson County cannot be defeated! Business here is and will be strong and worthwhile. Every one of you has made this community what it is today and why we will all be ok. Continue to be a part of the publication that highlights YOUR Community | Lifestyle | Social | Business!

As a fellow small business, we want success for both yours and our business going forward. We can and will survive this if we all work together. Let’s all work to make business continue WILLIAMSON STRONG! And just know we are here to help through this time! Thank you and be well!


Shelly Robertson Birdsong

Owner | Publisher