The Rutledge

Nov 12, 2019 at 11:34 am by adminjen


When it comes to the dining industry, brothers, Curt and Mason Revelette, are no strangers to the business. Curt and Mason have been involved in the restaurant business for many years. Their family owns and operates Jonathan’s Grille, now with seven locations and four more opening in the coming year. One of their most recent endeavors has become a favorite among Williamson County locals. The Rutledge was the vision and desire to have a fine dining steakhouse but with an urban and more fun-filled atmosphere.

The Rutledge opened this year and brings an eclectic, artistic atmosphere to the Cool Springs area, but also welcomes the sports enthusiasts with two seventy-inch flat screens over the bar. Artwork, which has been chosen by Curt and Mason from well-known artists in both New York and California, is displayed throughout the restaurant. They wanted to give their patrons the opportunity to step inside a gallery and see unique art that they would not otherwise see. The overall concept was to really give their diners a place to come in and experience more…while having a great bourbon and delicious steak.

I had an amazing tasting at The Rutledge recently and learned more about the restaurant from Mason. He informed me about the menu selections, seasonal offerings, and the brews and spirits offered which they like to keep local with distillers and brewers. The brothers pride themselves on keeping a menu of offerings that are top notch and are very immersed in the selections made. I got to try a few of them while there.

The first dish that I enjoyed was the Ahi Tuna which is lightly seared with a kale couscous salad. This dish was flavorful and vibrant. I really loved the sweet sauce that accompanies the tuna and the beautiful blend of flavors.

Next, I tried the California Roll, which is one of many sushi rolls offered by the eatery. The California roll has surimi, avocado, asparagus and red pepper, which completely sets itself apart from the norm. The asparagus and red pepper provided a wonderful crunch and sweetness to the sushi roll that you wouldn’t expect.

After that, I enjoyed the bone-in ribeye served with a loaded baked potato. Fourteen ounces of seasoned and seared ribeye with a mound of herbed butter right on top, so that it melted down into each cut and bite. It was absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection.

Lastly, I tried a new menu offering, the Caprese salad with sliced red and gold heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella dollops, basil and topped with balsamic. Fresh, flavorful and satisfying.

In my opinion, the food offered at The Rutledge would delight many palates and with such a variety offered on their menu, behind the bar, and topped with wonderful service - The Rutledge stands out among steakhouses and other eateries in the area. They also offer a private room for parties and weekly specials.

Whether you are going out for a delicious dinner, late night drink or to find a great spot to watch the game - The Rutledge is definitely one to be at the top of your list.