Business Relocation with Williamson, INC.

Sep 10, 2019 at 03:28 pm by PaigeAtwell


Williamson Inc., recently sat down with a local real estate expert to find out what is bringing people to Williamson County. Paige Thompson, VP of Relocation & Corporate Services with Zeitlin - Sotheby’s International Realty, gives us an insight on business relocation. What makes our community such a great place to live? Let’s find out!

WI: What are your clients most excited about when relocating to Williamson County?

PT: Today’s relocating clients are doing their research on the front end and the online reputation of our public-school systems provides them confidence in our community. In addition, the investment of our county into the parks and recreation systems has paid off for local residents and for people relocating from across the county. Our community’s focus on walkability with new developments makes Williamson County an even more desirable destination.

WI: What makes Williamson County unique?

PT: People in Williamson County are unconditionally friendly. In my recent conversation with a relocating company executive from California, he was amazed at how friendly and welcoming everyone was who he came in contact with during his initial visit to Williamson County.

WI: Is there a common area that people are relocating from?

PT: We see people relocate from all over the country to Williamson County. Lately, we have seen a large influx of people relocate from the West and Northeast.

WI: What amenities are in high demand with new clients?

PT: Mixed use communities are in high demand because people value their time. People want to live close to shop and close to where they work. Williamson County is developing a number of mixed-use neighborhoods that our clients are drawn to for that reason.

WI: What does Williamson County offer that brings corporate relocations to this area over other locations?

PT: In addition to great schools, Williamson County has a very favorable tax environment, temperate climate, access to great health care and a sense of community through preservation of open space and places that matter.