Three Reasons to Schedule Your Surgery

Aug 07, 2019 at 12:37 pm by adminjen

Scheduling a surgical procedure is an important decision and most people have a lot of questions. How much time will I need to recover? If I do nothing, will the problem get worse? Will insurance cover my procedure? Who is the best provider to call for treatment? Can I get the surgery performed close to my home?

Each person is different, and multiple factors should be considered when deciding if surgery is necessary and when and where to undergo surgery. Here are a few factors you or your loved ones should consider when making such decisions.

1. I am experiencing discomfort or pain, and at-home treatments are not making a difference.

Oftentimes, soreness or discomfort can be manageable at home with over-the-counter prescriptions and remedies. With situations dealing with pain, there are treatments your primary care physician or specialist can handle with medication, therapy or other treatment. However, for more complex ailments such as gallstones, hernias or thyroid issues, surgery might be necessary to help you heal and become your healthiest and best self.

2. The problem is continually affecting my enjoyment and overall quality of life.

Some chronic ailments can negatively impact your quality of life yet be fairly easily remedied by surgery. Having to compromise activities such as avoiding exercise and social events, taking numerous sick days from work, being unavailable for family time, etc., might be remedied with a procedure with relatively short recovery time.

3. My doctor has already referred me to surgery, but I have not followed through.

You know the problem, you’ve been given a potential solution, and yet – for a variety of reasons you’re worried about taking the next step. Don’t be shy about following up with your doctor and asking all the questions that are causing you to have concerns. Your provider will be glad to take the time to discuss anything that might be causing you anxiety.

You know your own body better than anyone else, and your health is in your hands. By understanding that, you will be able to improve your overall quality of life and help get yourself back to enjoying the things you love.

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