United Country Real Estate Music City

Aug 07, 2019 at 12:17 pm by adminjen

If you were to ask Geoff Brewer, owner of United Real Estate Music City, he would tell you that he has two great passions in life; music and real estate (oh, and all things University of Kentucky).

A Kentucky native with a deep appreciation of music city, Brewer got his start in real estate in 2004. With a degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing, Geoff was ready to get to work. He spent his first few years as an agent slowly growing his clientele, gradually making anywhere from ten to twelve transactions a year, while also helping build and remodel homes. Seven years ago, he decided to look into an organization called United Real Estate; and that’s when things really took off.

Founded in Lexington, Kentucky was United Real Estate’s first franchise in the urban side of the market. You may have heard of their sister branch- United Country Real Estate. Similar in models but catering to different demographics, each branch offers agents unique franchising opportunities to grow their business to its fullest potential.

“This model enabled me to put a lot more money in my pocket since we’re 100% model,” explains Geoff. “I was able to grow my business and become one of the top agents for United across the country for a couple of years in a row.”

Shortly after, his success allowed him to do something even more exciting; make the move to music city. Recently, Geoff opened United Real Estate Music City, located on Meridian Boulevard in Franklin. While it’s perfect for meeting clients and brainstorming with his growing team, it’s certainly not your typical office space. Combining his two passions of real estate and music perfectly into one setting, Geoff built a stage for in-house shows in the office as well.

“I have a band, so Nashville was the perfect place for me to put my two loves together when it comes to real estate and music,” says Geoff. “It’s been fun, and we love being here; I love seeing our agents grow.”

And growing they are. In their short year and a half in business, they have grown to have twenty-seven agents total in office. Looking ahead, Geoff and the United Real Estate Music City team are excited to continue progressing, all while helping you and your family find your home here too.

Joining Geoff is Managing Broker Michelle Froedge. Having been an agent since 2004, she is the agents’ resource for day-to-day needs. She is heavily involved in the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors and values continuing education as the key to a successful agent.

“When I was looking to hire a managing broker, I interviewed several people, but felt that connection right away with Michelle,” explains Geoff. “She had a passion for the business and the integrity I was looking for.”

What makes United different from the rest is the sense of family that they cultivate not only within their office, but all across the country. They all want each other to succeed, making them truly united.

“One of the biggest things of why I did this was because I love helping other people, and it’s been a fantastic ride so far here in music city,” explains Geoff. “We look forward to growing United here.”