The Honor of your Participation is Requested in a Publication for the Middle Tennessee Bride

Mar 21, 2019 at 04:28 pm by PaigeAtwell


Be a part of an exclusive print and online resource for all things wedding. The Distinctively Southern Wedding, semi-annual publication, will feature
both display advertisement and editorial content opportunities for your business as part of this comprehensive guide to wedding planning for the middle Tennessee bride and beyond. This previously published special feature section of Your Williamson and Your Sumner community magazines will now be a stand alone edition that will publish annually in both the Spring and the Fall in beautiful, full-color, coffee- table quality; providing strategic ongoing distribution in over 500 locations throughout approximately six major counties, the state, region and more.

Circulation in print and online will provide exposure of well over 150,000 reads and views for a full year. Receive full social media promotion and benefits
with your participation via the Distinctively Southern Wedding strategic and integrated marketing efforts on your behalf. Unlike most bridal magazines, ours will feature true community content with an emphasis on planning in a distinctively southern.

Advertising space is limited. We offer ads in various sizes to best fit your needs. Contact us today to reserve space and take advantage of discounted rates. An exclusive number of advertorials will be available based on industry and content specifications.