Meet the Marketing and Communications Director of Williamson, INC.

Mar 21, 2019 at 04:25 pm by PaigeAtwell


This month, Your Williamson sat down with Andrew Vaughan, Marketing and Communications Director at Williamson, Inc. We wanted to know how he arrived in our fine county and what it is about living here that he truly loves.

YW: Are you from Williamson County or did you relocate from somewhere else?

AV: I think anyone who has met or talked to me on the phone will know that I’m not from Williamson County. I’m from England originally and moved to Franklin in 2002 after a couple of years in Nashville. Yes, it was the music business that brought me to Nashville. I was Public Relations Director for CMT in Europe.

YW: What were your reasons for choosing Williamson County?

AV: I did like Nashville but once I discovered the historic town of Franklin, I knew where I wanted to live. Someone told me that being from England I’d really like Franklin. I drove down, and this was before Cool Springs existed, and felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. But then I found Main street and that was it. What a superb old town. It may not be as old as what I was used to in the U.K., but it comes close in some ways. There’s history and fascinating stories to uncover at every turn.

YW: What does a typical day at Williamson, Inc. look like for you?

AV: Typical. That would be nice! Every day is different which is actually what makes the job so fascinating. One minute I’m talking with economic development folks about new business projects, the next writing a press release or organizing a photo shoot. Variety is the spice of life.

YW: What is the most rewarding part of the job?

AV: As I said, the sheer variety of areas we cover in the County. One minute I can
be in an economic development strategy meeting, the next sitting down at a meeting with Gilda’s Club, applying my work skills in a very different environment. That’s very rewarding. I think the nonprofit aspect of what we do here is invaluable and very rewarding to me.

YW: How does Williamson, Inc. differ from other companies you have worked for?

AV: It’s very much a team. We have a diverse set of people all united in a common love of their community and a wish to see Williamson County have a better future and to keep prosperous and thriving and beautiful.

YW: What do you do at weekends in Williamson County?

AV: During soccer season there’s plenty of soccer to watch. And if I’m awake early enough I’ll pop down to Franklin Abbey in Cool Springs and watch live soccer from England at 7:30am! With two kids, weekends usually revolve around them so my car can drive itself to Above All and Brentwood Skate Center. I recently went to Leiper’s Fork, after about a ten-year absence, and it was very impressive.

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