Honoring Bell Town

Feb 11, 2019 at 11:27 am by PaigeAtwell

By Paige Atwell

While driving along the streets of Franklin, it’s no secret that pieces of history seem to reside on every corner. While some of these historical treasures, such as Carnton and Carter House, still stand strong for all to see today, others rely on the great preservationists of Williamson County to keep its history relevant and alive.

According to Williamson County Historian Rick Warwick, when Auto-Zone bought their lot on Columbia Avenue and brought their plans to the city, they began negotiations as to how to make the property the best fit for Franklin. During that time, Mary Pearce, former executive director of the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, suggested allowing some of the designs to include pieces of the history of Bell Town, a historically large, influential African American Community in Williamson County.

“I was asked to help write the text and provide photos,” explained Rick Warwick. “It has been a worthwhile project since it gives a pictorial history of a lost community.”

You can check out these posters here or stop by AutoZone, located at 933 Columbia Avenue in Franklin, to see them for yourself!

To learn more about Williamson County’s rich history, contact Rick Warwick at the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County at 615.591.8500 or visit williamsonheritage.org.