Serving Up Joy, One Cookie at a Time

Sep 05, 2023 at 12:32 pm by RMGadmin


With plans to open September 30th, a new and sweet, business enters our historic downtown Franklin  shopping and dining district. Whitney’s Cookies will open its shop on 4th Avenue in downtown Franklin and boy are you in for a treat! 
Whitney’s Cookies was launched by founder and head chef, Whitney Miller, and not only born out of her passion for baking, but also her passion for people and creating food memories.
Whitney is no stranger to the world of food. She began her culinary career in 2010 when she auditioned for the first ever season of MasterChef on Fox. Not only did she make it onto the show, (spoiler alert); she WON the entire season. It was on this journey that her notoriety for her sweets began. Quickly she was deemed the “Pastry Princess” for her proficiency with desserts. Now fast forward ten years, after Whitney has been featured on countless stages and shows literally across the world, (even as a former contributor and writer for this very feature column in YOUR Williamson)! The one thing that has remained her most requested menu item is her cookies. Their popularity sparked the idea for Whitney to create her own cookie company so that everyone could enjoy her cookies and with that she launched Whitney’s Cookies. 
During her time traveling the world, cooking in some of the most exclusive kitchens, Whitney realized how powerful food is. Food is more than the sustenance of life; it is the cornerstone upon which people of every culture gather over to celebrate all of life’s events. Because of this she has made it her mission to create “Food Memories” that are sparked from enjoying special foods like her cookies. She puts a lot of love into every cookie she creates. Countless hours are spent on every single cookie recipe, as you will soon experience.  “I wear many hats everyday including wife, mom, business owner, recipe developer, food stylist and the list goes on. HAHA! I will say that it is not easy, and I have definitely not perfected any of it. I ask the Lord for patience, energy and guidance on a regular basis,” she says. 

"I wear many hats everyday including wife, mom, business owner, recipe developer, food stylist and the list goes on. HAHA! I will say that it is not easy, and I have definitely not perfected any of it. I ask the Lord for patience, energy and guidance
on a regular basis”


It is a family operation with Whitney’s husband helping to create the storefront and supporting her dreams daily. They have three children seven, four and ten weeks old! “My kids give me purpose and a reason to work harder and harder each day. I love bringing them along with me on my culinary journey. They have learned about hard work and doing what you love,” Whitney explains. “If you ask my oldest son, Miller, what he wants to be when he grows up? He will tell you he wants to open a restaurant. He loves to cook like his mom. My kids have been raised in my cookie kitchen.  I can say each cookie is kid approved, by my kids.” Now, that’s an endorsement!

Whitney’s mission statement for her business says it all: To use our God-given talents to create cookies that are made with real ingredients, crafted with love, attention and detail, and responsibly made in an environment focused on serving others. Our aim is to bring people together to celebrate all of life’s events and create “Food Memories” that stay with you long after the cookie is gone. We believe in promoting unhurried conversation, using good manners and making guests feel like family.  
The idea of Whitney’s cookie company began with her brownie cookie recipe included n her second cookbook, New Southern Table. “A family friend told me that I should start a cookie company because my brownie cookie was the best cookie he had ever had,” Whitney recalls.  “Why cookies? I prayed over it and the Lord placed it on my heart to pursue it.  It was a fun and challenging time creating all my first cookie flavors. I was excited that I could finally share something I created with all the people who shared with me after MasterChef, that they would love to try my cooking,” she remembers. In January 2020, Whitney began shipping cookies nationwide and since then her business has taken off. Her cookies have become a beloved treat for celebrities such as Sadie Robertson, Jessica Simpson, and Laura Dern. “Reese Witherspoon posted about our cookies on her Instagram this year. “That was a wow, pinch me moment,” Whitney exclaims.  
Having a store front location in downtown Franklin is a dream come true. Cookies will be served warm with large and mini cookie options. The cookie menu will include favorites such as:
Chocolate Chip
Brownie Cookie
Stuffed Chocolate Chip
Salted Peanut Butter Cup
Two Monthly Special Flavors
Vegan Chocolate Chip
Gluten Free-ish Chocolate Chip
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brown Butter Cookie
Whitney, her family and her business partner, Spencer Bales and family, can’t wait to see people walking the streets of downtown Franklin with cookies in hand. In the meantime, try your hand at cookie making with one of Whitney’s favorite recipes.
1 stick (8 tablespoons, 113 g) unsalted butter
Cut the butter into cubes.  In a medium skillet, melt the cubed butter over medium heat, stirring occasionally.  Once melted increase the heat to medium-high, constantly stirring. The butter will foam, and the milk solids will begin to brown.  Cook until the bits of milk solids turn brown, and the liquid is golden brown.  Immediately transfer the brown butter to a liquid measuring cup.  Be sure to scrape all of the brown bits out of the pan. Allow the butter to cool at room temperature. Determine the measurement for the browned butter in the measuring cup.  Add enough water to the browned butter to equal 1/2 cup. Stir.
If using a scale, place a small glass bowl on the scale and set the scale to zero.  Pour the brown butter into the bowl.  Record the measurement. Allow the butter to cool.  Once cooled, add enough water to the brown butter to equal 113g. Stir.
Cover the brown butter and refrigerate until solid.  Use the solid brown butter like you would in any cookie recipe that uses butter.

Look for more details on Whitney’s Cookies opening September 30th
@whitneyscookies on Instagram and Facebook. Come enjoy Whitney’s Cookies and spark a food memory in a delicious bite. 
Whitney’s Cookies
100 4th Avenue North  |  Franklin
Monday-Saturday 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm