Where Nature and Art Come Together

Apr 05, 2023 at 04:00 pm by RMGadmin

Where Nature and Art Come Together: NunaVeda Greenhouse 
Interview By Amelia Rose Smith
Photography By Meghan Aileen 
Perched on a three-acre field, the NunaVeda Greenhouse is a stunning event space located on New Highway 96, just between Nashville and downtown Franklin. This picturesque greenhouse offers a beautiful and intimate backdrop for special events and photo shoots.  
Created by Meghan Aileen – artist, painter, designer, photographer and creative director – the greenhouse is a beautiful blend of art and nature. The space is designed to be a multi-purpose area where guests can enjoy an intimate dinner, art gallery, styled photo shoot or even a wedding. With its endless possibilities and comfortable yet magical setting, the NunaVeda Greenhouse promises to provide a beautifully unique experience surrounded by nature. We had the opportunity to meet with Meghan and discuss this unique and beautiful venture. 

YW: Tell me about the design process.
Meghan: We started the build in March 2022, but I had been dreaming of this for a long time. I began by drawing out each elevation on graph paper – something my mom taught me to do at a young age. I knew I wanted to have antique elements as part of the space, and I began looking online for key pieces that would represent the nature chapel vibe I was going for. 
I found the stained-glass windows and knew they were perfect. I had them shipped here from an old church in Massachusetts. The green color, classic design and chapel shape were exactly what I was looking for to grace the front of the greenhouse. Then I found an old monastery door which I was told was over 160 years old. It was too heavy to function as an actual door, so we made it the centerpiece on the back wall. 
Once I had all the main pieces and my drawings, I hired Daniel Kohavi to build the greenhouse for me. For the side windows, I could not find anything I liked, so I drew them out and had them custom cut. In every decision Daniel makes, he considers the aesthetic. This is not typical of all builders, and I knew I needed someone that could see my vision and implement it. He did an incredible job. We made a lot of the decisions along the way together as choices came up in the details, and I am grateful for his hard work!
YW: What do you offer at the Greenhouse?
Meghan: The greenhouse is available to rent for family photo sessions, branding photos, engagement sessions and even commercial photo or video shoots. 
For events, we love to host intimate dinners – from a romantic date night or a surprise proposal to dinners with up to twenty people with a private gourmet chef serving dinner. We can host baby or bridal showers and micro weddings for under thirty guests. For weddings, we like to offer something different. The Greenhouse and its surrounding property are for those that maybe don’t want to have the traditional reception with all the bells and whistles at a huge venue but want something more than just a quick ceremony. We give couples two to four hours on the property for cake, charcuterie, acoustic music, mingling and celebrating. A sit-down dinner option is also available. We have partnered with Chef Braiden Mallon of BAM Foods Catering because he has the unique ability to work in any environment. Yes, he can serve the most incredible food in our rustic conditions.
As far as styling and décor, I customize it myself mostly with different seating and decor depending on the type of event. I can set up luxury picnic-style seating outside or inside with low tables, rugs, pillows and florals. We have cocktail tables for outside mingling and bench seating around the fire pit area. Even with outside rental companies chosen, I can coordinate on additional or elaborate setups!
W: What is your dream for the Greenhouse?
Meghan: My dream is for the greenhouse to become a place where people from all over come create beautiful things and have unique experiences. Whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime moment like a wedding; a family photo shoot that documents an important milestone; a therapeutic potting day or herbalism class that helps people connect with and learn more about nature; an art show where they find pieces to collect that move them and make them happy in their home – the Greenhouse is here.
With its lush greenery, vibrant decor and striking architecture, Nunaveda Greenhouse provides a truly unforgettable setting for any occasion. Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event or photoshoot, this venue is sure to impress. So come experience the magic of Nunaveda Greenhouse and create memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information and inspiration, visit nunaveda.com and
@greenhousevenue on Instagram.