A Little Something Extra: De-cluttering Dilemmas Solved

Jan 27, 2023 at 11:18 am by RMGadmin

Southern Domestic Diva is Here to Help

By Allie Williamson
I am the proud owner and CEO of Southern Domestic Diva, a multi-service cleaning company operating out of Southwest Mississippi and Nashville. It all started with my love for cleaning, which I learned from my grandmother Hattie who embodied whimsy, class and southern sass. I am a true Mississippi girl who grew up watching my grandma smoke cigarettes and clean her house with a bottle of Pine-Sol while fresh pecan pies were baking in the oven. While I loved previous roles in the corporate world, I still wanted to make a real impact and knew I was meant for bigger things. With my strong southern roots, passion for cleaning and cooking, I created a luxury cleaning company that empowers and employs women. 
Everyone has this preconceived notion about the cleaning industry, which is why I wanted to shift the mindset to luxurious residential services. We do anything from commercial or rental cleaning to move-in and move-out cleaning. Whether it is our exceptional booking service or our gifting of homemade pecan pies, we prioritize the tiny details being cared for because we want to spoil our clients so that they love the lifestyle of being a Diva client. 
With over ten years of cleaning experience, Southern Domestic Diva has the tools and resources to provide unmatched cleaning services, including a touch of southern hospitality.
Say goodbye to the stress of a mess! Here are my tips for starting your New Year on a fresh note. 
1. There is never a bad time to declutter, but the new year is a great motivator to eliminate the stuff that is no longer serving you. You can declutter various things for a fresh start to the new year. Start by decluttering a neglected linen closet, organizing your pantry or going through your fridge. 
2. Reflect on the progress you made over the last year – and the goals you didn’t achieve. 
Looking back on all you have accomplished – and what you did not – is a great first step when giving yourself a fresh start. 
3. Start writing down everything you hope to achieve. These goals might be specific, with clear actions you can take to achieve them, or they may be bigger and require baby steps. 
4. Defining your goals and setting a plan is a great way to get a fresh start in the new year. Make it realistic and personal to your own needs.
5. Give yourself some grace. Changing old habits and routines is easier said than done. It is important to recognize that it is hard to change everything overnight. Start with a morning routine that you love, cleaning one room at a time, lighting your favorite candle while you clean, or treating yourself to a primary room makeover so you have a calm space to decompress at the end of each day.
The Southern Diva Cookbook, which honors all the women and traditions in my life, is arriving the first of February. To book a cleaning service or get a quote, visit southerndomesticdiva.com or call 629. 800.5134.