YOUR Kids: Bee is for Beekeeping

Oct 11, 2022 at 12:51 pm by RMGadmin

Learn the ABC’s of Beekeeping

Making learning fun keeps educators and students enthusiastic and open to new elements of their education from the youngest to the oldest. What about incorporating learning a basic principle like the ABC’s along with something else that is very important in our overall world. Something like... Bee Keeping! 
Suburban beekeeper Justin Weiss aims to inspire the next generation of bee enthusiasts and environmentalists with his vibrantly illustrated new children’s book, B is for Beekeeping: An Alphabet Book.
With concise, easy-to-understand language, such as “C is for comb,” and “H is for honey,” Weiss introduces young audiences to the ABCs of beekeeping and the critical role that honeybees play in the ecosystem. 
“Did you know one-third of the food we eat gets pollinated by honeybees?” asked Weiss, who started beekeeping a few years ago on a whim. “While at first, I was afraid of handling honeybees, it turns out having thousands of them buzzing around is quite therapeutic. This hobby has lifted my spirits when I’ve most needed it, and I’ve enjoyed sharing it with my friends and family.”
In B is for Beekeeping, Weiss uses each letter of the alphabet to teach a beekeeping term and idea, and each fascinating new fact is brought to life by a bright, playful illustration. 
Perfect for parents, grandparents and teachers, B is for Beekeeping intends to encourage children to explore the “un-bee-lievable” world around them and to respect some of the smallest, but mightiest, creatures. B is for Beekeeping is the must-have children’s book for all beekeeping enthusiasts. Encourage the next generation of beekeepers by teaching them the ABCs of beekeeping with playful illustrations and easy-to-understand vocabulary.
A portion of all sales of this book will be donated to organizations such as Pollinator Partnership, the Bee Conservancy and Project Apis m. For more information, visit and you can purchase the book at
Ways to incorporate this book with learning the alphabet:
Trace the letters
Help young readers learn the alphabet by using their finger to trace the letters.
Point to each picture
Learn new vocabulary as you point to each picture while reading aloud.
Enjoy spending time together
Encourage bonding by reading and learning about the honeybee!