Arts & Culture: The Nashvillains, Changing Up the Nashville Music Scene

Apr 07, 2022 at 10:13 am by RMGadmin


The Nashvillains were born with the intention of doing something unique and different within the Nashville music scene. Troy, Scott and Brett met while working on a film in Los Angeles called Forever My Girl. Even though they had never met in person, Brett hired Troy to sing on the soundtrack based on the sound of his voice. Scott and Brett then met through a mutual friend. Brett planned for Scott and Troy to meet him at his studio in Los Angeles to write a song for the movie, and ironically Scott and Troy were already friends that were signed to the same publishing company in Nashville. Brett approached Troy and Scott with the idea of The Nashvillains, and after Brett relocated back to Nashville, the three tested the waters by writing a few songs. Those songs turned into their first album, Tumbling Down, and The Nashvillains were officially formed. 

The band loves the fact that they can have their music heard by fans around the world. They explained, “the internet has created an instant worldwide platform and the ability to do something completely different than what people are expecting from us. The music industry is always evolving. The possibilities are endless with all the collaborations in style and genre.” Their main inspiration for writing their music is their life experiences. They put those experiences into words and music, and with a bit of help from beer, that is how they get into the mindset to write their music.  

Each band member has worked with many amazing people in the music industry that have impacted them. Scott’s favorite artist that he has worked with is Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters because “he’s just a damn hoot.” Troy explained that his favorite had been Thompson Square. “I had an opportunity to write with Keifer and Shawna Thompson on their debut record. I was blessed to be on the record.” Brett loved working with Travis Tritt. “It was amazing to co-write a song with Songwriter Hall of Fame member Paul Overstreet and produce it with Travis for the film Forever My Girl. Sometimes we are blessed enough to get the opportunity to work with our childhood heroes in this industry.” 

From the experiences of working with these talented artists, they have gained insight on how to make it in the music industry. Troy’s advice to the younger generation is to “say yes to everything. Take every opportunity that comes your way.” Scott’s advice is to “understand the business side of it.” Finally, Brett’s advice is “do not compete with the band down the street. Your competition is your favorite singer on the radio. That’s the level you need to be at.”

The Nashvillains would like our readers to know: “We’ve tried to approach this band from a different perspective in order to create a unique and new vision of country music, something that we, as country fans would want to stream or buy ourselves.”  So make sure you check them out by visiting their website, and their social media and streaming platforms. We can’t wait to hear their new album! 

Photography By Annie Noelker