YOUR Real Estate: 2021 Housing Market Review

Dec 13, 2021 at 01:54 pm by RMGadmin

with the Williamson County Association of Realtors

Need a conversation starter for your holiday dinner this year? Look no further! We have the perfect content to engage your guests and have their jaws on the floor. This year has been nothing short of a whirlwind in terms of the real estate market. 

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a quick look at this year in review. In January 2021, the Median Home Sales price in Williamson County came out to $582,000, compared to 2020’s $518,000. That is a substantial increase of 12.4%. 

As the year progressed, the median home sales price continued to escalate. In October of 2021, the median home sales price landed at a whopping $758,366. This is a 30% increase in the sales price over the span of 2021.  

Not to mention, the average number of  days on the market has decreased from twenty-five in January 2021 to a mere nine in October 2021.  

We are certain November’s data will reveal the same reality: homes are flying off the market, and FAST. So, what can we expect for the end of the year and 2022? 

“As we move into what has historically been a slow time of year for the market, I see no signs of it slowing down. I am optimistic for a robust holiday season in the Williamson County market and am looking ahead toward a promising 2022,” said 2021 WCAR Board President Lorie Layman. 

So, folks, as you gather around the table this holiday season, be sure to put these astonishing numbers in your back pocket for an ice breaker or to add shock value to your dinner conversations. Follow along with WCAR on instagram for more insight and data on the Williamson County real estate market. Happy Holidays! 

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