In Your Backyard: A Color Filled Fall Garden

Sep 10, 2021 at 03:12 pm by RMGadmin

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Becky Paxton with Garden Media Group

When we think of bright garden blooms, spring is often the season that comes to mind. But did you know that with the right plant palette, fall in middle Tennessee can be the brightest season of all? From a canopy of golden-hued trees to hot pink house plants, these fall favorites will inject color and charm into your landscape. Pick one for an accent planting, or layer two to three of these plants for a rich, immersive garden landscape.

Roses in the fall? You bet! The bright blooms of shrub roses bring visual interest (and an added dose of color!) to hard-working border shrubs and privacy plantings. Try the Pretty Polly® Rose from the Bloomables® Collection, which offers pink double flowers that bloom spring through fall, plus disease-resistant foliage.

Encore® Azaleas are another popular fall flowering shrub choice enjoyed for their repeat blooms in spring through fall. When selecting any multi-season shrub, consider the colors of permanent fixtures in your landscape, like hardscaping and home color. Gray houses are complemented by cooler pink hues like Autumn Empress™, whose ruffled semi-double flowers pop with vivid petals. For an off-white or taupe house, opt for a warmer pink like the expansive blooms of Autumn Coral®; its compact growing habit makes it well suited for porch planters and containers.

If you’re an “indoor gardener” or houseplant parent, jump on board the pink houseplant trend with Aglaonema Ultra Pink, part of Costa’s Trending Tropicals® Collection. Aglaonema is of the easiest of all houseplants to grow - it thrives in virtually every home or office. Each red-pink leaf of Ultra Pink is artfully edged in a band of rich green. As fall rolls into winter, take advantage of its year-round color by showcasing it next to your poinsettias for a colorful Christmas display.

Play off the season’s crimson leaves in the trees with bright blooms on the ground. The unique, star-like flowers of illicium are new to some first-time gardeners yet hailed by horticulture pros for their low maintenance care and lush, attractive foliage. Illicium Star Flower Scorpio from the Bloomables Collection® adds a playful touch to the landscape, offering deep green foliage and stunning red blooms.

Nandina provides brilliant foliage with year-round color, making it a terrific choice for fall gardens in need of a color boost. As it grows new leaves, the container-friendly Obsession™ Nandina produces electric reds that are significantly brighter than most varieties. For a dramatic, deep red layered over evergreen, try Flirt™ Nandina, which shines in the fall. Both are available through Southern Living® Plant Collection.

Vibrant yellow and golden-hued leaves cast a warm glow over outdoor spaces. And did you know Tennessee’s state tree, the tulip poplar tree, puts on a spectacular show in this palette? Layered in the landscape with red-hued nandinas, its yellow leaves create a photo-worthy landscape! 

“For fantastic fall foliage, tulip poplar is a terrific choice. Its leaves transition to a deep yellow in the fall, and the density of its leaves means that it’s packed with color. Many homeowners don’t know that it’s also a fast-growing tree, so if you’re looking to add some height to your yard with trees, it’s a great option,” says Rob Kraker, Nashville Residential Commercial Manager with the Davey Tree Expert Company. Kraker also recommends the Overcup Oak, a tree that thrives locally and that his team often plants for clients. Its fall foliage is a rich amber brown.

As you fill your fall garden with color, remember to plan in layers – from treetops to garden beds – and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Creativity awaits! remember to plan in layers – from treetops to garden beds – and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Creativity awaits!

Becky Paxton | Garden Media Group

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