Beautiful YOU: Fight the Aging Process

Sep 06, 2022 at 02:18 pm by RMGadmin

Turn Back the Clock

BY Taryn Kendrick, PA-C
Have any of you had the moment when you feel great, feel energized, feel happy and then look in the mirror and notice that the way you look is not at all indicative of the way you feel internally? Many patients show and tell us they feel like they woke up one day and their face was drooping. They notice lines around their mouths and excess tissue in the lower face that seemingly showed up overnight. They tell us they feel great, but when they look in the mirror, they are almost unable to recognize the person looking back at them. 
This is normal. It is very difficult to accept, but it is unfortunately very common, normal and a feeling that most everyone experiences at some point in their aging process. 
The next question we get is, “Is it time for me to get a facelift?” This is a loaded question with so many variables that need to be considered and, unfortunately, cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”
Are you a candidate for a facelift? Perhaps. Would you be better suited for nonsurgical, full-face correction with dermal filler, threads and resurfacing lasers? This is also possible. 
The aging process is complex and multidimensional. As we age, we lose collagen, fat and bone, which leads to dropped tissue, ligamentous laxity and transitional breaks in the tissue due to the loss of structural support of the midface. Also, we lose elasticity which leads to loose skin and crepiness. 
The trick is to figure out which option is the best fit for you at this point in your life. Are budget and downtime a concern? If so, you may be better suited to start with injectables and laser treatments. Do you have severe volume loss and need numerous syringes of filler, it may be time to consider surgery. Is the integrity of your skin such that you need preparatory work to improve elasticity before your surgical procedure? Then, you should probably start with treatments such as microneedling that can help stimulate collagen production. 
This is when guidance from a trusted team of cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic injectors and licensed aestheticians is crucial! When it comes to anti-aging, collaboration is vital, honesty is essential and transparency is a must. There are times when dermal filler will not give the results a patient wants. Your injector should tell you that, refer you to a trusted surgeon and NOT encourage you to invest in numerous syringes of filler that will not give you the desired results! However, there are also times that a full face treatment of Botox, a Fraxel Dual treatment to erase the pigment and stimulate collagen production, and a few syringes of dermal filler can completely transform and take years off your face without the downtime and investment of surgery.  
Find a team that will treat you like they would their mother, brother or best friend. If you find a team that tells you “no” to something you really want because, in their experience, it will not yield the results you want, that is probably a great sign! Likewise, if you find a provider willing to tell you things you may not want to hear but is honest – also a great sign. 
While I can not speak for everyone, I do feel I can speak for most about why we went into this industry. Seeing our patients light up after their treatments and procedures have brought us to tears more than we can count. It brings us such joy seeing women and men prioritize themselves, and knowing we were just a tiny fraction of the restoration of their confidence is the best feeling. Our biggest piece of advice: This industry is overwhelming. We know that! Find providers that are invested in you and your journey because having a driven, honest team behind you is invaluable!

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