Beautiful YOU: The Power of Prevention with Marvel Cosmetic MedSpa + Surgery

Aug 01, 2022 at 10:52 am by RMGadmin

BY Taryn Kendrick, PA-C
The rapidly growing field of aesthetic medicine is fascinating. While considered taboo or reserved for the elite just five years ago, women and men are now embracing the concept of preventative anti-aging with open arms. Through education, social media and word of mouth, it has become evident that these treatments are not just for celebrities but for everyone hoping to age just a bit more gracefully. In years past, the aesthetic world was thought to be a way to enhance a solitary facial feature and came with the stigma that those who did have treatments would look plastic, fake and overdone. Those days are over, and it is so encouraging! 
With the shift toward prioritizing overall health and wellness, many are turning away from quick fixes and toward sustainable lifestyle changes. The aesthetic industry is no different! Patients have realized that prevention is much easier and more affordable than correction when it comes to anti-aging. They are excited to establish a comprehensive treatment plan that not only corrects the issues that are bothering them today, but also preserves the integrity of their skin, corrects the years of sun damage that most have accumulated and protects their face with medical grade sunscreen and scientifically proven products. 
Providers are taking immense pride in their work by allowing time during consultations and treatments to provide education about facial anatomy, collagen production and the importance of dermal filler placement. Dermal filler is used to lift and reposition tissue that has changed due to collagen, volume and bone loss, leaving them looking refreshed and well rested instead of overfilled with no facial movement. Ninety-nine percent of patients are not seeking to change their appearance but simply preserve and age gracefully. 
This is where collaborative treatment plans become essential. The power of collaboration between an aesthetic injector, licensed aesthetician and cosmetic surgeon is invaluable. I will be the first to admit that while neuromodulators (like Botox) and dermal filler can do sensational things, these things are not meant to be used alone. The results are exponentially better when you pair these with treatments such as microneedling for collagen production and laser treatments for skin tone and texture. It is also crucial to realize that not all cosmetic concerns can be addressed non-surgically. It is essential to find providers that are honest in their assessment and willing to refer when necessary. 
While the desire and interest are certainly there, many people are hesitant to move forward with aesthetic treatments because they are fearful, especially of Botox and filler. They fear choosing a provider that may make them look unnatural, the unknown of what to expect after their procedures, the discomfort they may experience and the financial obligations associated with their treatments. Please know these feelings are normal, incredibly common and very valid! Let’s be honest; we have all seen people walking around who have been overtreated, whether due to poor clinical judgment or financial gain, which is terrifying! Rest assured that our goal is for our patients’ friends and family to look at them and compliment their overall appearance and not be able to pinpoint what exactly they have enhanced. Your treatments are OUR secret, after all! 
So how do you choose a medspa, and how do you overcome these fears? 
There are many medspa options; like all other industries, many are excellent, and some are not so wonderful. Find a medspa that focuses on education, transparency and honesty. Take time to read the clinic reviews you are planning to visit. You should feel comfortable when you walk through the door, the provider should spend ample time discussing your goals and creating a treatment plan, and you should be educated on what the provider is planning to do, the reasoning and what to expect financially. 
Find a provider who prides themselves on skin science, facial rejuvenation and education, both for the patients during their consultations and continuing education for themselves. This industry is ever-changing, and, if a provider becomes complacent, it is impossible to provide patients with the experience they deserve. It is crucial to make sure you are going to a licensed provider using legitimate, properly reconstituted and properly stored products and to always be speculative of a deal that seems too good to be true. 
Most importantly, you should feel comfortable in the exam chair and have complete faith in your provider. If you do not have this experience, it is more than okay to try a different practice! You are probably not in the right place if you feel pressured or rushed. It is also crucial to find a provider that is willing to say no. Saying no is, in my opinion, just as important as saying yes. While we love to please our patients, as providers, it is our job to assess your facial anatomy, goals and medical history to guide you towards the best procedure for YOU! 
Are you overwhelmed? That is normal. Are you unsure where to start and how to incorporate treatments into your budget? That is also very normal! 
Once you are in the exam chair, you should be able to relax and rely on your provider to take exceptional care of you. You should leave feeling encouraged, excited and ready to prioritize yourself with a plan that ranges from being on a budget and swapping one skincare product out at a time to a full face correction with a one-year treatment plan. Knowledge is power and a thorough consultation filled with education and information can provide exactly that!

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