A Little Something Extra: Main Street's Friendliest Smile

Oct 13, 2021 at 11:19 am by RMGadmin

By Emma Chennault 
Rebecca Davis & Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker’s love for fashion has ignited a fire in her that has allowed her to be a 2019 graduate of Lipscomb University and has given her a chance to work as a retail sales associate at a local Franklin boutique. When she is not working at the Jondie’s boutique on Main Street, she is very involved with Best Buddies, GiGi’s Playhouse, Young Life, Friends Life, and the Special Olympics swim team. 

Being involved in many different organizations and graduating with a Fashion Degree from Lipscomb, has allowed Caroline to live out her dream. With the help of the Best Buddies Job Program, Caroline was able to connect with Rebecca Davis, the owner of Jondie and Mimi & Dottie, to fulfill her dream of working at a boutique.  

Rebecca first met Caroline at a benefit concert for Best Buddies in 2019. They were seated at the same table, and they started talking about their shared love of fashion and Caroline’s recent graduation from Lipscomb. A few weeks later, Suzy at Best Buddies Jobs program, reached out to Rebecca and told her that Caroline was one of their job candidates and that she was very interested in working in a boutique. 

They discussed having Caroline come in for a job shadow, but those plans were postponed because of the Covid-19 lock-down. Fortunately, they were able to keep in contact, and they invited Caroline to job shadow this last spring and hired her that same day.  

Caroline is very proud of the shop. Like all the team members, she works at both Jondie and Mimi & Dottie, but she spends most of her time at Jondie. Caroline’s favorite part of her job is her co-workers. She found it challenging to come out of her shell when she first started, but with the help of her co-workers, she was able to feel more confident in her role. 

Every time she comes into work, she is on it. When Caroline was asked what she does at work, she responded, “I know what I’m doing. I know what I am supposed to do every time I come in. I dust off the sunglasses, tuck tags on the clothes, straighten the jewelry tables, wait on customers, and swipe people’s cards. I like helping people, and I like dressing the mannequins.” 

“She takes excellent care of the items and lights up with every guest interaction,” Rebecca explained. “Caroline brightens everyone’s day! She has such a beautiful spirit and light inside her, and I am so honored that we are able to help her grow and have a job that she enjoys. She is determined to do a great job at every task.” Rebecca is so proud of the growth and development of Caroline that she has witnessed. 

As Caroline put it, “This is my story to tell, and I like to share it with everyone.” If you find yourself in Downtown Franklin, pop into Jondie and say hello to Caroline.